Anticlastic Linen Copper Bangle


Looking for the perfect way to finish off a chic outfit? Choose the bracelet inspired by the luxurious fabrics from which your favorite pieces are made! Add the Anticlastic Linen Copper Bangle to your jewelry box, and you'll have a unique bracelet that is on trend but that has timeless appeal as well, meaning you'll wear it season after season and always look in style. The bracelet has been textured by hand to recreate the look of a linen cloth weave on the metal surface. The patterning combines with the anticlastic folding for a look unlike any other.

Made from genuine copper, the Anticlastic Linen Copper Bangle is hand fashioned from start to finish, ensuring that it is of impeccable quality. The bracelet is 1-1/2 inches wide, the perfect size for layering with other bracelets or styling the piece on its own. A protective tarnish-resistant coating guards against turning and preserves the lustrous shine of the bracelet.

  • 1 1/2 inches in Width.
  • Available in 5 circumferences.
  • Protective coating applied to resist tarnish.
  • Gift Boxed.

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Type: Bangles

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