Carnelian 14K Gold-filled Chain Maille Bracelet


Add warmth to your ensemble with the Carnelian 14K Gold-filled Chain Maille Bracelet, which brings tones of red, orange and gold to life to make any fashion statement truly unforgettable. The base of this bracelet is a 14-karat gold-filled chain maille length that is handcrafted and a strong, sturdy base for the design. Three hand carved carnelian gemstone flowers dangle from the chain maille and serve as the feminine focal point of the design. Meticulously crafted 24-karat gold vermeil beads with carnelian accents add interest to the piece, and smooth pieces of carnelian and gold, orange and red freshwater pearls fill out the piece. You can wear this lovely beaded gemstone bracelet with virtually anything, and it will look stunning next to a gold or nu gold cuff.

The Carnelian 14K Gold-filled Chain Maille Bracelet measures 8 inches in length, so it will ideally complement the contours of a medium-sized wrist. The bracelet is finished by a 24-karat gold vermeil toggle clasp.

  • Measures approximately 8 inches in length.
  • Fits a medium sized wrist.
  • Secures with a Vermeil Toggle Closure
  • Gift Boxed.
  • What is Gold-filled?


Type: Bracelets

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