Copper Wave Cuff


Wave goodbye to the days of not knowing what to add to finish off your favorite outfits! The Copper Wave Cuff Bracelet is versatile enough to style with anything in your wardrobe and has a truly exquisite shape that never fails to make a statement. The curved lines of the cuff and the waved texture of the piece come together to give the bracelet a dynamic look that makes this an ideal standalone statement bracelet but also a stunning addition to a layered bracelet look.

The Copper Wave Cuff Bracelet is handmade using high quality copper that is folded and worked into the waved texture. Then, the piece is hand polished until its surface shines like that of a glass mirror, and it is finished with a tarnish-resistant coating to protect the metal from oxidation. Whether you wear it for a casual or a dressy occasion, this bracelet will always have you dressed to impress. 



Type: Cuffs

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