Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Cuff Bracelet


The Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Cuff Bracelet is a truly striking piece that will have everyone noticing you whenever you wear it. This remarkable design features anticlastic raising, which is what gives the bracelet its unique shape with raised edges leading to a lower center. As it lifts away from the wrist, the bracelet has a slimming effect that is very flattering. To make the piece even more unforgettable, the surface features corrugated folds, which creates a regular ribbed pattern all the way along the 1-1/2-inch width. The combination of folding techniques creates great variations in shine and shadow along the bracelet when it is viewed in the light.

The Corrugated Anticlastic Copper Cuff Bracelet is handmade with painstakingly careful attention to every small detail, ensuring that each one produced is truly flawless. A tarnish-resistant clear coating protects the surface of the bracelet, ensuring that its copper beauty endures through the years.

  • 1 1/2 inches in Width.
  • Available in 3 circumferences.
  • Protective coating applied to resist tarnish.
  • Gift Boxed.

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Type: Cuffs

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