Fluted Copper Cuff


Looking for a chic cuff bracelet that will go with everything in your closet? The Fluted Copper Cuff is a can't miss look for your jewelry collection that will effortlessly pair with all of your favorite ensembles from casual looks to dressy wear. This handmade copper cuff bracelet has been anticlastically raised to give it a fluted shape, which accentuates the highly polished finish of the precious metal, making it seem as if the bracelet is alive with ripples like the mirrored surface of water.

Fashioned out of only the finest grade of copper, the Fluted Copper Cuff has rich color that is similar to rose gold, but the metal from which it is constructed makes the bracelet far more affordable. This elegant piece will look gorgeous for years thanks to its protective finish. The bracelet is 2 inches wide and measures 7-1/2 inches in circumference. This makes the piece perfect as a statement bracelet and sized for a medium to large wrist. 

  • 2 inches in Width.  
  • Available in 3 circumferences.
  • Protective coating applied to resist tarnish.
  • Gift Boxed.

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Type: Cuffs

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