Nu Gold Brass Hammered Tear Drop Earrings


Rich yellow gold color plus the exquisite, trendy look of a hammered finish! What could be better? How about getting that chic, on-trend look at the fraction of the price that you'd normally expect to pay for handmade earrings of this fine quality? That's exactly what you'll get with the Nu Gold Brass Hammered Tear Drop Earrings. These beautiful earrings have the lovely look of genuine yellow gold, but they are much less expensive because they are crafted from Nu Gold, a durable variety of red brass. Finished with a nontoxic polymer coating, these earrings will resist tarnishing and retain their lustrous color beautifully for years and years.

Handmade with precise attention to detail, the Nu Gold Brass Hammered Tear Drop Earrings are shaped like tear drop earrings but have a more geometric triangular shape for a modern look. The 2-3/4-inch by 1-1/4-inch earrings dangle beautifully from 14-karat gold filled french ear wires. The hammered finish enhances the shine of the Nu Gold and creates a mirror like finish that is sure to catch the eye.

  • Tear drop shaped earrings with an appealing hammered texture
  • Made from Nu Gold red brass for the look of genuine yellow gold
  • 14-karat gold filled french ear wires
  • Measures 2-3/4 inches in length by 1-1/4 inches in width

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Type: Earrings

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