Polished Aluminum Bangle Bracelet


You simply can't underestimate the versatility of a classic bangle bracelet. With a simple bangle, you can create a limitless array of stylish looks. Wear it alone for a chic, simple finish or to balance a bold necklace or statement earring pair. Stack it up with other bracelets, and you can reinvent old favorites again and again. With the Polished Aluminum Bangle Bracelet, you'll have the perfect bracelet to create any effect that you wish, and you can count on its exquisite beauty to stand the test of time.

Constructed out of non-tarnishing, hypoallergenic aluminum, the Polished Aluminum Bangle Bracelet has a simple look with a sleek, smooth surface. Anticlastic folding allows the bracelet to glide effortlessly on and off the wrist and gives it a flattering look when viewed from any angle. The 1/2-inch width is ideally suited to mixing and matching, enhancing the styling benefits of this lovely piece.

At 8 inches in circumference, the Polished Aluminum Bangle Bracelet will provide a classic fit for a medium to large wrist and a looser fit for a small wrist.

  • Simple, yet elegant bangle bracelet with an anticlastic shape
  • Non-tarnishing, highly polished finish
  • Versatile 1/2-inch width is great for stacking or standalone wear
  • Measures 8 inches in circumference and comes in a gift box 

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Note: There are visible fine scratches on final inventory.




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Type: Bangles