Nu Gold Bangles and Cuffs by San Francisco Jewelry Designer John Brana

Nu Gold Collection Portfolio Video

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 Nu Gold – An Alternative to Karat Gold

I’ve recently been using Nu Gold in my jewelry designs.  Nu Gold resembles real gold without the hefty price tag associated with 14K and 18K gold jewelry.  Nu-Gold is an alloy of zinc and copper and is commonly referred to as Red Brass.   Best of all, Nu-Gold  doesn’t contain Nickel, making it perfect for those with Nickel allergies common with most “fashion jewelry” metals.

Here’s is a video of my most recent jewelry designs featuring Nu Gold metal.

Read Nu-Gold a Great Alternative to Karat Gold Jewelry to find out more about this popular new metal.

Feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts about this relatively new alloy and its use as an alternative metal to karat gold.

Nu Gold Collection Portfolio Video, 9.3 out of 10 based on 12 ratings

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