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Aluminum Jewelry

Jewelry made of silver-white aluminum is durable and fun to wear. Our wide selection of aluminum jewelry is lightweight and affordable. With anodizing technology, aluminum can now be brilliantly colored. Handcrafted contemporary jewelry features lightweight chased and hammered aluminum metal. We have a number of jewelry pieces, including beautifully handcrafted anticlastic and fold formed aluminum bracelets and aluminum earrings.

Whether you prefer a brilliant pair of green lily pad earrings or an attractive brushed fold formed aluminum anticlastic cuff, there is much to love about aluminum jewelry. If you like pops of vibrant color and retro coloring blocking, try one of our anodized aluminum pieces. Shop our wide collection of elegant aluminum jewelry that screams high fashion. Wear one of our pieces anywhere you go – to work, special events, or given as gifts to someone you adore. This fashion-forward aluminum jewelry combines style with comfort for the ultimate look.  Aluminum jewelry also makes a great present for your 10th Wedding Anniversary.


The John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry collection brings the beauty of natural metal into imaginative jewelry designs. Each piece is carefully worked by hand to create textures that capture attention and add interest to an outfit. Aluminum is a favorite material of John S. Brana, and you'll find many pieces in the collection that are handmade out of this unique, high quality metal.


What Is Aluminum?


Aluminum is a naturally occurring metallic element, meaning that it is not produced from blending together multiple alloys like steel. The metal has been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans and was formally discovered in 1808. Aluminum is used to produce a wide variety of products and is also used in construction and industry.


Why Choose Aluminum Jewelry?


You may not think of aluminum as a jewelry metal, but pieces made from it are an excellent addition to any woman's jewelry collection. Aluminum has the same look as sterling silver with a cool tone that can be enhanced with polishing; however, unlike silver, aluminum is not affected by oxygen. This means that it can't tarnish and does not require polishing or cleaning with chemicals to keep it looking lustrous. In terms of strength, aluminum is resistant to breakage and scratching, making it a great choice of material for everyday wear.

Aluminum is naturally hypoallergenic and unlikely to irritate sensitive skin. It's also much lighter in weight than many other precious metals. If you are hesitant to wear large earrings or chunky bracelets because you don't like their weighty feel, aluminum jewelry can allow you to get the look without all of the bulk. The metal is also the traditional gift for a 10th wedding anniversary. As a result, the aluminum earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarf rings and rings in the John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry are very popular for gift giving.

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