Aluminum Bangle and Cuff Bracelets

Lightweight, stylish, and affordable are all terms that perfectly describe the look of aluminum. Bracelets and cuffs are some of the most popular types of aluminum jewelry for both men and women.

Glam up your wrists with one or more cuffs layered on top of one another to add texture and style to anything you wear. Our handcrafted aluminum bracelets are comfortable to wear, do not tarnish, and are ideal for those who suffer from allergies. If you’re looking for a new fashionable trend to try in upcoming seasons, opt for an oh-so-wearable aluminum bracelet or cuff.

Elevate your style with an exquisite aluminium bracelet from John S. Brana. Known for its lightweight and durable nature, an aluminium bracelet offers both comfort and sophistication, making it a versatile addition to any jewelry collection. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring a unique and elegant design that doesn't tarnish and is hypoallergenic. Perfect for layering or wearing solo, these bracelets provide a chic and modern look suitable for any occasion.

Lightweight Aluminum Bangle and Cuff Bracelets

Discover our stylish and affordable aluminum bracelets and cuffs, perfect for layering and adding chic texture to any outfit. Known for their lightweight feel and hypoallergenic properties, these pieces are ideal for those with metal allergies or sensitive skin.

Who Would Love These Bracelets?

Our aluminum bangle and cuff bracelets appeal to a wide variety of fashionable women and men looking to accessorize their wrists.

Women who appreciate one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry are drawn to the artisanal craftsmanship of each unique bracelet. Our textured metals and hammered finishes add interest and personality. Those with busy modern lifestyles appreciate how aluminum withstands daily wear without tarnishing.

Career women love layering several thin bangles or wide statement cuffs for a powerful stacked wrist look. The lightweight aluminum is comfortable to wear all day at the office. For a girls' night out, a single hammered cuff adds just the right accent to an evening outfit.

Men find our gunmetal gray and black aluminum cuffs add refined urban edge to both casual daily wear and more formal attire. Our brushed metal finishes offer a more understated look for professional businessmen or creatives who value high-quality craftsmanship.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Those with metal allergies or sensitive skin can comfortably wear aluminum jewelry thanks to its hypoallergenic properties. Our aluminum contains no nickel and does not cause skin irritation or reactions. This makes our bracelets perfect for anyone who finds other metals bothersome to wear against their skin. Those with eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions can confidently stay stylish with an aluminum accessory.

How to Wear and Style These Bracelets

The versatile, lightweight nature of our handmade aluminum bracelets makes them easy to incorporate into your existing wardrobe. Here are some style tips:

Layering and Stacking

One of the best qualities of our aluminum bangle and cuff bracelets is their ability to be layered effortlessly. Mix multiple thin bangles in coordinating metal shades and textures for lots of lightweight movement and sound. Or try wide cuff bracelets stacked closely together on one wrist to make a strong style statement.

Playing with mixing metals like silver, gold and gunmetal gray aluminum creates interesting contrast and dimension. Stack delicate chains, beads or leather pieces with carved metal cuffs for boho chic style.

Everyday Accents

Add a slim hammered aluminum bangle to inject subtle texture to casual everyday outfits like jeans, tees and sweaters. For the office, try rounding out a professional blazer and trousers or pencil skirt combination with a wide brushed aluminum cuff.

Men can rugged up weekend wear like henleys, parkas and chinos with matte black aluminum. A chunky gunmetal bracelet refines suited looks.

Evening Elegance

Amp up the glam factor of dresses and gowns by accenting with a bold aluminum bracelet. Sculptural artisanal aluminum statement pieces make striking additions for formal events and black-tie affairs. Or keep it delicate with a single thin bangle complementing the tones of your outfit.

Perfect for Any Occasion

The versatility of our handcrafted aluminum cuffs and bangles makes them appropriate for any special occasion or milestone event:

Meaningful Gifts

  • Graduation - High school or college grads will appreciate a personalized engraved bangle to always commemorate their achievement.
  • Anniversary - Makes a great 10th Wedding Anniversary gift.
  • Birthdays - Significant birthdays like sweet 16's, 30th, 40th and beyond are wonderful moments to gift elegant keepsake jewelry.
  • Bridesmaids proposals - Ask your closest friends to stand beside you on the big day with delicate engraved aluminum bangles. Coordinate the metal finish to your wedding colors.

Statement for Events

Our sculptural statement aluminum cuff bracelets make striking additions for both casual gatherings and formal soirees:

  • Everyday celebrations - Brighten up brunches, girls nights out and date nights with our vibrant colors.
  • Cocktail parties - Make a entrance at soirees and mingling events with our glamorous wide hammered metal finishes.
  • Black tie galas - Bring artisanal edge to elegant occasions like fundraising galas, award ceremonies and luxury weddings with our carved aluminum designs.
  • Festivals or concerts - Enjoy comfortable, carefree lightweight accessory style for outdoor music and desert adventures.

With endless mix-and-match potential, our hypoallergenic aluminum bracelets and cuffs enhance any occasion or event. Their versatility also makes them fantastic gift ideas for the fashionable women in your life. Surprise your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister or best friends with an elegant jewelry piece that transcends seasons and trends.

Our Signature Aluminum Jewelry Craftsmanship

John S. Brana brings decades of metalworking expertise to handcrafting unique aluminum jewelry designs here in our San Francisco studio. Our dedication to quality, sustainability and responsible production means each piece is specially conceived to stand the test of time while making a conscious impact.

We thoughtfully source solid blocks of high grade hypoallergenic aluminum made from 80% recycled materials. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques alongside modern tools, John shapes spectacular cuffs from this raw material into wearable works of art. Signatures like organic textured finishes as well as precision cut geometric patterns make each cuff and bangle a one-of-a-kind creation.

Beyond meticulously sculpting each piece, we carefully finish every surface for comfort and shine. From grinding and sanding to polishing and clear coating, multiple steps ensure our aluminum jewelry evenly distributes weight for all-day wearability. The resulting lightweight feel coupled with unparalleled strength epitomize why aluminum makes an ideal jewelry metal.

Our small batch approach allows us to know the story behind every beautifully hand wrought aluminum piece of jewelry to grace our studio before it gets shipped directly to you. With a classic palette of silver, our aluminum bracelets and cuffs transcend trends. We hope these meaningful accessories become beloved treasures you don everyday for years to come.