24K Vermeil Beaded Gemstone Necklace Collection

Searching for a statement necklace that is truly one of a kind? If you want a piece that will make a bold impression and add color and sophistication to whatever you're wearing, you can't go wrong with a 24-karat gold vermeil necklace from the John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry Collection.

These beautiful pieces are one of a kind designs that complement many different necklines and that are of true luxury quality to stand the test of time. With a rainbow of color options, the 24-karat gold vermeil necklace range offers something for every taste.

Our collection of beautifully handcrafted vermeil necklaces are sterling silver with 24K gold plating. This combination is ideal for people with normal allergies to gold plating. The primary difference between gold vermeil necklaces and gold plated necklaces is the thickness of the gold and the base metal used. In vermeil necklaces, the base metal is sterling silver. Vermeil gold has the benefit of lasting longer than gold plated jewelry. Each of our handmade vermeil necklaces are embellished with stunning gemstones and gemstone beads, such as Amethyst, Garnets, and Baltic and Dominican Amber.