Handmade Vermeil Jewelry Collection

Shop our wide collection of handcrafted vermeil jewelry set with large faceted gemstones and gemstone beads. Vermeil, heavy electroplate 22K gold over sterling silver, features brilliant gems like garnets, citrine, amber, and amethyst.

The result is long-lasting jewelry that exudes the same shine and richness of solid gold. Modern gold vermeil jewelry is produced with a process that uses electrolysis, a technique in which electrical currents are used to create a chemical reaction.

True vermeil is a layer of gold over sterling silver, with no other metals. Gold vermeil is very similar to gold in appearance, but it is more affordable than gold due to its sterling silver component. Vermeil has many benefits that make it the jewelry metal of choice, such as its ability to not tarnish easily. The gold plating on the jewelry does not easily wear away, and can be cleaned with a lint-free cloth. Our beautifully handcrafted collection of vermeil necklaces offer a gorgeous hint of gold plating, embellished with lovely gemstones.