Tear drop earrings are one way to make a statement.

If you want to show off your smooth skin or sultry eyes, try a dramatic pair of tear drop earrings. They are a great focal point and substitute for the standard statement necklace, and add instant detailing to a plain ensemble. Of course, you'll want to pull your hair up to show off those sparkling dangling earrings, whether they’re aluminum, copper, silver, or gold.

Tear drop earrings can be found in an assortment of lengths, shapes and styles, from long tear drop earrings for more sophisticated occasions to shorter tear drop earrings for a sassy, casual look. Tear drop cut styles are considered one of the most wearable styles of earrings, as the subtle shape and look favors every face shape and any age. Depending on the size, tear drop earrings can be worn anywhere; whether you need to dress up or down.