Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your 21st Wedding Anniversary

Are you approaching your 21st wedding anniversary? If so, you'll need to search out the perfect brass gift for your significant other because the traditional twenty-first wedding anniversary gift is crafted from brass!

John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry has a wide selection of brass jewelry items that are perfect for marking that  21st wedding anniversary!

Brass is actually an alloy, meaning it's a blend of multiple metals --- typically copper and zinc. It's actually a very hard metal, which is the reason why most brass pieces are cast. 

Jeweler John S. Brana specializes in metalworking, including a form of brass called NuGold. NuGold is a specially-formulated variety of this super hard metal, ideal for crafting jewelry items. Select from John's selection of hammered linked ring earrings and necklaces, or his beautiful bangle bracelets, ranging from a sleek fluted gold design to a more dainty bangle that resembles ribbon with frilled edges.

Browse John's collection of handmade jewelry for your 21st wedding anniversary!