Gold is a precious metal that becomes more valuable everyday. Not everyone has the budget or the need to purchase solid gold, but 14K gold-filled jewelry is a beautiful alternative.

Gold filled jewelry is an actual layer of 14K gold bonded onto another metal, such as brass. 14K gold-filled jewelry should not be confused with gold-plated jewelry, as gold-filled jewelry has a hundred times more gold than gold-plated pieces. Not only is gold-filled jewelry of greater value, but is also tarnish resistant and will not rub off or turn colors.

Considered an economic alternative to solid gold, 14K gold-filled jewelry are timeless treasures. Our pieces carry the same characteristics of solid gold, such as durability, strength, and beauty – at a fraction of the price. Check out our unique line of handcrafted 14K gold-filled metal jewelry, many embellished with large vibrant faceted gemstones and gemstone beads. From gold-filled earrings to gold-filled cocktail rings set with marquise cut stones, there is sure to be something that all jewelry lovers will adore.