10th Wedding Anniversary Jewelry Gift Ideas

Are you coming up on your tenth wedding anniversary? Aluminum is the traditional material for celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary! Tin is the other traditional material for this occasion. It can be rather challenging to find a great aluminum tenth wedding anniversary gift. That is, unless you turn to John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry, where you'll find a vast array of different handcrafted aluminum for your significant other!

Jeweler and artist John S. Brana specializes in nature-inspired aluminum jewelry pieces that are sure to capture her imagination! From his beautiful aluminum anticlastic bangle with blue quartz, to Brana's aluminum bark textured cuff and matching earrings, along with beautifully-crafted leaf and lily pad earrings.

Many of John's aluminum jewelry pieces are anodized to create a range of different colors, including yellow, brown and green. The process of anodizing involves placing the aluminum jewelry in a bath that's attached to an electrical system; the item that's anodized forms the anode electrode of the electrical circuit. This process accelerates the formation of an oxide layer, which varies in color according to the precise composition of the fluid used during the process. The result is vivid eye-catching color!

John uses a wide range of metalworking methods to create his aluminum jewelry, including metal chasing, hammering, texturizing and fold forming.

Turn to John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry to find the perfect aluminum tenth anniversary gift for your loved one!

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