Geschenkideen für Jubiläumsschmuck

Feiern Sie Ihr Jubiläum stilvoll mit bedeutungsvollen Schmuckgeschenken

Machen Sie Ihr Jubiläum in diesem Jahr zu etwas ganz Besonderem, indem Sie Geschenke aus traditionellen Jubiläumsmetallen austauschen. UnsereHandgemachte SammlungBeinhaltet atember aub enden Schmuck inKupfer,Messing,Bronze,AluminiumUndEdelstahl-Ideal für wichtige Meilensteine der Ehe.

7. & 22. Jubiläum Kupferschmuck

Mark7Und22Jahre der ehe mit strahlendKupfer schmuck geschenke. Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an Ziseliertumschetten aus Kupfer, kühn gehämmerten Kupferarmbändern und zarten Kupferketten für Ehefrauen und Ehemänner.

8. & 19. Jubiläum Bronzeschmuck Geschenke für Sie

Schmuck geschenke in warmer Bronze sind die traditionelle Wahl für8.Und19.Hochzeitstage. Stöbern Sie in unserer Auswahl an handgefertigten Bronzemanschetten, Halsketten aus gehämmerter Bronze und Ohrringen aus Bronze in einer Vielzahl von Formen und Texturen.

10-jähriges Jubiläum Aluminiumschmuck Geschenke für Sie

Moderne und sinnvolle Aluminium-Schmuck macht ein Unikat10 jahrestag geschenk. Wählen Sie ausAluminiumManschetten, antik lastische Armreifen und Ohrringe, die sie schätzen wird.

11-jähriges Jubiläum Edelstahlschmuck Geschenke für Sie

Schlanker Edelstahls chmuck ist stark, hypo allergen, stilvoll und ideal für einen11 jahrestag geschenk. Unsere Kollektion umfasst EdelstahlStahlHalsketten, Ohrringe, Ringe und Manschetten.

21. Jubiläum Messingschmuck Geschenke für Sie

Für Ihre21. jahrestag, Überraschen Sie Ihre Frau mit glamourösen Messing ohrringen, Armreifen und Halsketten aus unserer exklusiven Kollektion.

Überraschen Sie Ihren Ehepartner mit bedeutungs vollen Schmuck geschenken inTraditionelle jahrestags metalleDieses Jahr. Shoppen Sie noch heute unsere exklusiven Kollektionen!

Celebrate Your Marriage Milestones with Meaningful Anniversary Jewelry Gifts For Her

Commemorating your wedding anniversary each year with a thoughtful gift shows your spouse how much you cherish your marriage. Exchanging anniversary jewelry made from traditional anniversary metals adds even more significance to the occasion. We offer a wide selection of handcrafted bracelets, rings, earrings and more made from copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel and brass.

Browse our collection below to find the perfect anniversary jewelry gift to surprise your wife this year!

Copper Jewelry for 7th & 22nd Anniversaries

Copper represents warmth, creativity and renewal - fitting symbols for marriages of 7 and 22 years. Our artisan crafted copper jewelry collection includes gorgeous copper bracelets, earrings and rings she'll absolutely adore.

Top Copper Jewelry Gift Ideas

Hammered Copper Cuff Bracelets

Our customer favorite 10mm hammered copper cuff features a slim, rounded shape that elegantly drapes over the wrist. The all-over hammered texture adds beautiful dimension. Over 50 5-star reviews!

Chased Copper Cuff Bracelets

For a more delicate look, check out our chic chased copper cuff made from solid copper with an elegant chased design. Feminine and absolutely stunning!

Copper Bangle Bracelets

Try one of our adjustable anticlastic copper bangle bracelets - perfect for smaller wrists. The bark copper finish has lots of neat ridges and grooves with an organic look.

Hammered Copper Rings

Our hammered copper rings are 99.9% solid copper for added durability. Features an adjustable open band that forms to any finger size.

Geometric Copper Earrings

With over 40+ copper earrings to choose from, you can't go wrong! Some of our favorites include these artsy chased copper disc dangles and these hammered triangle drops.

Shop our entire copper jewelry collection for 7th & 22nd anniversary gifts she'll truly cherish!

Bronze Jewelry for 8th & 19th Anniversaries

Bronze represents strength and sophistication - wonderful traits for marriages of 8 and 19 years. Check out our handmade bronze jewelry collection with gorgeous earrings, bangles and cuffs that make fantastic anniversary presents.

Beautiful Bronze Jewelry Gift Recommendations

Bronze Teardrop Earrings

Our elegant brushed bronze teardrop earrings are one of our all-time best selling pairs! The medium teardrop shape has lots of bright highlights and a wonderful antique finish.

Bronze Dangle & Drop Earrings

Some of our other favorite bronze earrings include these artful quatrefoil drops, sweet leaf drops, and boho marrakesh drops. So many amazing styles to love!

Hammered Bronze Bangles

Looking for bracelets? Our slim brushed bronze bangle has a rounded tapered shape that comfortably rests on top of the wrist bone for an effortless fit. Gorgeous!

Textured Bronze Cuff Bracelets

Or try on one of our bronze cuffs like this hammered finish beauty. The slim, oval profile offers a tailored look that transitions perfectly from day to evening events.

Find more bronze jewelry gifts she'll love for 8th & 19th anniversary presents!

Aluminum Jewelry for 10th Anniversaries

Aluminum represents flexibility and adaptability, which are valuable traits for marriages that have lasted 10 years. We have chic aluminum jewelry like cuffs, bangles, rings and earrings specially-crafted in America that make thoughtful milestone anniversary gifts.

Meaningful 10th Anniversary Aluminum Jewelry Gift Ideas

Textured Aluminum Bangle Bracelets

One of our 10th anniversary favorites is this artsy tapered linen aluminum bangle. The bracelet band gently tapers from wider at the top to narrow at the bottom for a comfortable fit on the wrist. Super chic!

Chased Aluminum Cuff Bracelets

Or go bold with our wide chased aluminum bark cuff - over 25 five-star reviews! Has an impressive 1 3/4 inch width and cool concave shape that seamlessly hugs the wrist.

Organic Aluminum Drop Earrings

Some of our favorite aluminum earrings are these nature-inspired open tear drops and leaf drops, both with a wonderful hammered tree bark finish. Perfect for the boho minimalist!

Find more unique aluminum jewelry gifts for 10th wedding anniversaries!

Stainless Steel Jewelry for 11th Anniversaries

Stainless steel represents durability and strength, making it an ideal 12th anniversary gift. Our collection includes gorgeous stainless steel rings, earrings, cuffs and necklaces.

Modern Stainless Steel Jewelry Gift Recommendations

Hammered Stainless Steel Cuffs

One of our most popular pieces is this 1 3/4 Inch Wide Hammered Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet with a bold, rounded hammered texture - absolutely gorgeous!

Domed Stainless Steel Rings

For rings, we love this striking 5mm Hammered Domed Stainless Steel Men's Ring. The strong domed shape adds lots of presence for a seriously fabulous look.

Find more contemporary stainless steel jewelry gifts for 11th anniversaries!

Brass Jewelry Gifts for 21st Anniversaries

Brass represents prosperity and fortune, wonderful gifts for 21 years of marriage. We carry a variety of stylish brass jewelry like hoops, drops, bangles and cuffs specially made in America that make thoughtful memento anniversary presents.

Unique 21st Anniversary Brass Jewelry Gift Recommendations

Chased Brass Hoop Earrings

The gorgeous antiqued finish of our wide Chased Nu Gold Brass Hoop Earrings adds lots of visual interest for a striking, artistic look. Over 10 five-star reviews - absolutely stunning!

Hammered Brass Cuffs

Surprise her with the gift of choices! Our vibrant Wide Hammered Brass Cuff Bracelet at 1 ¾ inches wide! The beautiful hammered finish catches the light beautifully for incredible sparkle.

Find more special brass jewelry gifts to celebrate 21 years of marriage!


Surprising your spouse with meaningful anniversary jewelry crafted from traditional metals is a wonderful way to commemorate marriage milestones. We hope you found gorgeous bracelets, rings, earrings and more made from copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel or brass to celebrate 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th 19th, 21st and 22nd anniversaries this year!

Shop our anniversary collection today for exceptional craftsmanship and exceptional value on handmade artisan jewelry gifts she'll truly cherish!