Anéis Masculinos de Aço Inoxidável Artesanais

John S. Brana fabrica uma linha de anéis masculinos em aço inoxidável que redefinem a abordagem tradicional de adorno pessoal. Para o homem que deseja se destacar com mais do que apenas a aliança de ouro convencional, a coleção de Brana oferece uma lufada de ar fresco. Essas peças artesanais não são apenas uma prova de durabilidade adequada para uso diário, mas também apresentam uma variedade de texturas e acabamentos masculinos.

Quer se trate da elegância refinada de anéis em cúpula elegantes ou do apelo bruto de metais martelados e escovados de inspiração industrial, as pulseiras de aço inoxidável John S. Brana são perfeitas para noivados, compromissos, casamentos ou simplesmente como um acessório diferenciado para elevar qualquer roupa. Experimente a qualidade incomparável e o design exclusivo que fazem de cada anel uma declaração de distinção e caráter.

Handcrafted Stainless Steel Bands for the Modern Man

Built to last as sturdy wedding bands or everyday fashion accessories, these steel rings make striking statements with textures and contours that reflect distinctive personal style. Whether seeking a ring for proposing, exchanging vows, marking anniversaries or wearing as a distinctive signature piece, we've curated stunning stainless steel bands just for him.

Top Picks from the Collection

Rugged 8mm Hammered Band

For the man who wants a substantial ring with loads of character, this wide 8mm hammered style makes a bold and masculine statement. The hand-hammered finish gives it great texture and dimension, while the comfort-fit shaping ensures it feels as good as it looks. Steely and industrial yet sophisticated.

Refined 5mm Brushed Metal Ring

With its versatile 5mm width and smooth brushed metal finish, this ring has an understated elegance perfect for every day. Comfort-fit shaped for durability and a custom contoured fit, it's ideal for work and play. The brushed steel surface adds depth and catches the light beautifully.

Contemporary Hammered Dome Ring

Modern domed silhouette meets vintage industrial-chic with the textural hammered finish of this standout ring. Distinctively contoured with a dimensional 5mm band, its rounded dome face gives it a stacked, two-tone look. Comfort-fit shaped to sit curved with the finger. Definitely a statement-maker!

Why Choose Stainless Steel?

As an alternative metal to the traditional gold wedding band, stainless steel offers distinct advantages:

Extreme Durability Expertly alloyed for longevity, stainless steel rings are made to last and stand up to wear and tear. Perfect for very active lifestyles.

Strength & Scratch Resistance
With high molybdenum content, stainless steel is exceptionally strong and scratch resistant. It will maintain its refined finish much longer than other metals.

Stunning Finishes From bold hammered and sandblasted textures to satin brushed metals, stainless steel allows for very unique torch-finished surfaces. Far more varied than basic gold bands.

Great Value At just a fraction of the cost of gold, our handcrafted steel bands offer outstanding artisan quality for reasonable prices.

Masculine Statement With characteristic industrial touches like hammering and brushed finishes, steel bands have an intrinsically rugged, masculine appeal. The antithesis of ordinary gold wedding rings.

Hypoallergenic Surgical grade stainless steel will not react with skin. It's ideal for men with metal allergies.

What's Your Style?

With our collection offering diverse textures, widths and shapes, you're sure to find a distinctive stainless steel style that speaks to you or your special someone.

Hammered Bands

Inspired by the industrial look of hammered metalwork, these bands have a characteristic worn-in, vintage appearance. The hand-applied hammering process gives the steel fantastic texture and dimension, for interest that reflects light beautifully. Ruggedly masculine.

Try it if you like: vintage touches, distressed character, stonewashed jeans

Brushed Metals

The satiny finish of brushed stainless steel has refined depth and sheen. Created by hand-brushing the surface to a uniform grain, it takes on a muted glow that catches in the light. With a smart, tailored look at home in both casual and dressy settings.

Try it if you like: refined metals, versatile staples, fitted button-downs

Domed Silhouettes

These substantial bands have a bold rounded dome silhouette for high-impact style. Some with sleek domed shaping, others hand-hammered, the dual levels and curved contours create dimension. Distinctively masculine, for gents who like a stacked look.

Try it if you like: making a statement, attention-grabbing accessories, mixed metal textures

Quality Craftsmanship

Beyond the rugged good looks, our stainless steel men’s bands are made to last thanks generations of jewelry-making tradition. Designed in our San Francisco studio, each ring is meticulously hand-fabricated and finished by John S. Brana. The care and artistry invested in each piece is apparent in the expert contours and torch-finished surfaces. Built for everyday wear, our steel bands will only look better with time as they take on the patina of your adventures. We back all our rings with a lifetime guarantee so you can buy with confidence. Let our obsession with quality be the foundation for your perfect ring.

Occasions and Pairings

For Engagements: Make a unique statement by proposing with something beyond the typical gold band. A textured finish steel ring with some heft conveys permanence and strength, perfect for an engagement.

For Weddings: Exchange distinctive hammered bands at your industrial-chic wedding, or sleek brushed metals for an urban rooftop affair. Steel adds modern edge to traditional ceremonies.

For Commitments: Commemorate with a substantial hammered ring in place of tattooed fingers! The weight of steel signifies loyalty.

For Anniversaries: Mark milestones together with rings handpicked to fit your lifestyle. Maybe a brushed metal for refined taste or bold domed band if you lead active lives.

For Every Day: Stainless steel’s durability makes it ideal for regular wear. Choose a favorite finish that reflect your personal style.

To Pair With:

  • Leather jackets and work boots
  • Motorcycles and muscle cars
  • Tailored suits and smartwatch
  • Business casual attire
  • Rock band tees and worn-in jeans
  • Outdoor adventures gear