Ideas para regalos de joyería del Día de la Madre

El Día de la Madre es tu oportunidad de hacer algo especial para mamá y agradecerle por todo lo que hace todos los días.

Los regalos de joyería son muy populares para el Día de la Madre porque les dan a las mamás algo que pueden atesorar durante años. Cuando eliges un regalo de joyería de la colección John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry, le estarás dando a mamá algo verdaderamente único que resistirá la prueba del tiempo.

Give Mom Sparkling Jewels for Mother's Day

Treating Mom to handcrafted jewelry is always a winning gift idea for Mother's Day or any special occasion. When you pick pieces for mom from the John S. Brana collection, you're giving her jewelry made in the USA with exceptional quality and eternal style.

Browse our bestselling collection to find the perfect present for mom this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Buying Guide

Get the right gift - one mom will love wearing every day or saving for special nights out.

Top picks for cool moms:

Choices to cherish forever:

Best picks for the money:

Affordably priced cuffs and earrings that still have that wow factor to thrill mom on Mother's Day morning.

All the Wonderful Moms in Your Life Deserve Dazzling Jewels

Mom does so much for everyone that she deserves to be pampered with gorgeous gifts made just for her.

Surprise your...

  • Birth mom - With a piece featuring hammered discs, poetic circles representing the circle of life and your eternal connection.
  • Stepmom - Choose a bangle with sculptural textures that show her how much you appreciate the beauty she brings to your family.
  • Mother-in-Law - Give her something to show off at her book club with artsy patinas crafted through metal chasing and hammering.
  • Adoptive mother - Pick a timeless style to symbolize how she's loved you as her own since the day you met.
  • Grandmother - Select a gold tone cuff she'll wear with pride to Sunday dinner, church, and bridge club as an emblem of your family bonds.

No matter which mom has helped shape your life, John S. Brana's nature inspired jewelry makes the perfect sentimental Mother's Day gift she'll always cherish.

Spoil Mom From Morning to Night With Indulgent Jewels

Wake mom up by breakfast in bed or a spa day followed by a slice of her favorite cake. Complete the ultimate pampering with gifts she'll relish forever.

Morning Surprise

Can she guess what's inside the gift box you set on her morning coffee tray? Watch her face light up as she opens it to find:

Afternoon Tea Time Treats

Bake her favorite sweets like macarons or lemon bars. Serve them up for afternoon tea or lunch along with:

Evening Night Out Finery

Get mom glowing for a celebratory dinner out with delicate dazzlers like:

No matter which pieces you pick, mom will cherish that you chose something unique and handmade just for her.