Corrugated Copper Hoop Earrings

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Hoping to keep your jewelry look simple but want something a bit different than plain old hoops? The John S. Brana Corrugated Copper Hoop Earrings are just what you're looking for, as they pack the visual appeal of traditional hoops but have a unique design that will show off your individuality and chic fashion sense.


Handmade from premium copper precious metal, the John S. Brana Corrugated Copper Hoop Earrings are corrugated to give them a fantastic crimped texture. The subtle folds allow the metal to reflect the light and produce a dazzling shine. For movement, the earrings dangle from sterling silver French ear wires, and they are 3 inches long from the top of the wire to the bottom of the hoop. The 2 1/4 inch diameter of the hoops makes them ideal for daytime and evening wear.

Perfect for wearing everywhere from the office to that swanky cocktail party, the John S. Brana Corrugated Copper Hoop Earrings are coated with a tarnish-resistant, nontoxic clear polymer for added durability. The earrings come in a gift box and make a stunning 7th wedding anniversary gift or gift for any other occasion.

  • Unique texture created with corrugated folding performed by hand
  • 100% genuine copper construction with sterling silver French earwire
  • Nontoxic polymer clear coat protects metal from tarnishing
  • Measure 2 1/4 inches in diameter by 3 inches in length
  • Lovely 7th wedding anniversary gift, Mother's Day gift or gift for her for other occasions

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