Collection de bijoux en aluminium faits à la main

Présentation de la collection de bijoux en aluminium de John S. Brana

Vous cherchez un moyen tendance et abordable d’accessoiriser? Ne cherchez pas plus loin que notre sélection de bijoux en aluminium faits à la main! Nos pièces sont légères et faciles à porter, et elles viennent dans une variété de styles qui compléteront n’importe quelle tenue. Que vous recherchiez quelque chose de simple et discret ou quelque chose qui fait une déclaration audacieuse, nous avons ce qu’il vous faut. Et parce que l’aluminium est un matériau si durable, vous pouvez être sûr que vos bijoux dureront des années. Magasinez maintenant et commencez à avoir l’air fabuleux aujourd’hui!

With anodizing technology, aluminum can now be brilliantly colored. Handcrafted contemporary jewelry features lightweight chased and hammered aluminum metal. We have a number of jewelry pieces, including beautifully handcrafted anticlastic and fold formed aluminum bracelets and aluminum earrings.

If you favor the sheen and polish of sterling silver, but are wary about the rising cost, you’ll love the look of aluminium jewelry. Fashionable and lightweight, aluminum jewelry has increasingly grown in popularity because its wear demonstrates flair and stylishness while being easy on the budget. High style without the high cost and super light; what could be better?

Whether you prefer a brilliant pair of green lily pad earrings or an attractive brushed fold formed aluminum anticlastic cuff, there is much to love about aluminum jewelry. If you like pops of vibrant color and retro coloring blocking, try one of our anodized aluminum pieces. Shop our wide collection of elegant aluminum jewelry that screams high fashion. Wear one of our pieces anywhere you go – to work, special events, or given as gifts to someone you adore. This fashion-forward aluminum jewelry combines style with comfort for the ultimate look.  Aluminium jewelry also makes a great present for your 10th Wedding Anniversary.

Fashionistas often choose aluminum jewelry as an alternative to silver for many reasons:

•Larger earrings made from sterling silver, platinum or white gold can feel heavy on your ears while earrings made from aluminum can be as large as you like without causing discomfort. 

•Light-as-a feather aluminum bracelets can bring the bling without bringing the noise. 

•Aluminum is a metal that can be easily dyed, stamped and shaped into nearly any form a creative designer can imagine and it does not require special care.  

•It is also a non-reactive metal that is nickel-free which makes it an excellent choice for many women with a hypersensitivity to other metals. 

In addition, there is no need to worry about tarnishing as it requires no polishing to keep it looking bright. Best of all, you won’t have to sacrifice high style while you’re watching your pennies. But don’t assume “affordable” signifies “cheap” when choosing this fun, durable and sleek alternative to sterling.

Ultra Cuffs, Bangles, and Statement Earrings

We offer an elegant line of aluminum jewelry among our coveted collections, including a hand-hammered aluminum bangles and wide ultra cuffs that carries the look of high fashion, as well as embossed, textured and hammered teardrop earrings that can be worn anywhere. Although the metal used may not be considered “precious”, the same artistic vision and creative talent goes into creating pieces of aluminum jewelry as it would into silver or gold designs.

Whether you’re attending an elegant luncheon, romantic dinner, or just hanging out with the girls, you can be comfortable, stylish and fashion forward in lightweight, designer aluminum jewelry.