Chased Aluminum Hoop Earrings

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Just like the rings of a trunk tell a story of a tree's lifetime, these Chased Aluminum Hoop Earrings will come to have a fashionable story to tell. You'll wear them through workdays, Sunday brunches, date nights and special evenings out, and each time you slip them on, they'll look just as beautiful as they did the last time. The earrings are the perfect combination of contemporary simplicity and timeless elegance, and they have a touch of organic patterning to make their design a true masterpiece of style.  Pair these Aluminum Hoop Earrings with a matching Aluminum Bark Cuff and a sparkling Chased Stainless Steel Chain Link Necklace, and you've got the perfect trio.


The Chased Aluminum Hoop Earrings are handmade out of aluminum, a sleek silvery metal that will never tarnish or require polishing. Hand tools have created the tiny texturing lines that give the earrings their bark-like look, and the playful disjointed spirals of the hoops make them a fun break from traditional hoop styles. Measuring 2-1/2 inches in length by 1-1/2 inches in diameter, the earrings are completed by 14-karat gold filled French earwires and findings.