Trend Alert: Captivating Aluminum Cuffs

by John Brana October 10, 2012

Trend Alert: Captivating Aluminum Cuffs

Fashion-forward Aluminum Cuffs

Stylish, lightweight, affordable – these are all terms that describe aluminum jewelry. It may come as a surprise at how popular aluminum has become in the world of jewelry making. As far as aluminum jewelry is concerned, cuffs are one of the most favorable pieces that both men and women look for. You’ve seen them on the runways, sported by the biggest celebs, and worn by the most fashion-forward. Aluminum cuffs are versatile accessories that make an effortless fashion statement on bare arms.

Aluminum Bark Cuff

Designers are also adding their own interpretations through unique prints, gems, and other details that take this simple trend to the next level. What’s not to love about aluminum jewelry? It’s comfortable to wear, doesn’t tarnish, and is the ideal alternative for those who have allergies to other metals. If you have yet to experience the stylish look of an aluminum cuff, it’s time to learn more about this oh-so-wearable trend that you have to try in upcoming seasons.

Trend Alert: Captivating Aluminum Cuffs

We’ve seen a host of chic fashion trends, from dangling earrings to oversized necklaces – but this year it’s all about the cuff. Aluminum cuffs are extremely fashionable, flirty, and fun. Women love to stack ‘em high and mix and match with other wrist-wear to add drama to their look. Paired with skinny jeans or a sundress, an aluminum cuff (or two, or three) can transform your personal style and add a sense of energy.

Aluminum cuffs are similar to the look of sterling silver at a fraction of the price. It also has a number of benefits of other metals, such as its light weight and non-tarnished exterior. The key to making aluminum cuffs work is to go big. Oversized cuffs have become the look of choice for many fashionistas, adding texture and intricate designs to any ensemble. Tone down a look with a simple cuff or glam up with an elegant pattern.

To ensure that you don’t look too over-the-top with your range of wrist-wear, go with the safe approach of coordinating your aluminum cuffs. Find a pair of earrings or a stylish necklace that pairs well with your other jewelry. No need to wear a full set of jewelry, as an aluminum cuff is minimalistic in nature. Do go with different textures of cuff bracelets, as these look ultra-stylish when grouped together on an arm.

Brushed Aluminum Wave Cuff

Cuffs exude power and sophistication. Think about the well-known women who are known for wearing this simple piece of jewelry – Wonder Woman and Cleopatra just to name a few. Strong women from Hollywood are also getting into the action. Hillary Duff, Emma Watson, and Sofia Vergara have been seen sporting must-have cuffs on the red carpet. Diverse metals like aluminum make the cuff even more desirable.

Aluminum cuffs in every color, size, design, and thickness can be worn on one or two wrists – or even higher on the upper arm. This bold style of bracelet is certainly an attention-grabber, suitable for both a day and night look. During the day, an aluminum cuff can become the focal point of your outfit of jeans and a basic tee. For an evening look, the luster of an aluminum cuff pairs well with an evening gown or simple cocktail dress, acceptable on bare arms or atop long sleeves.

Fabulously trendy cuff bracelets seem to be popping up everywhere this year. While many women may opt for simplistic, smooth designs, other styles are also sought after. Hammered and chased aluminum cuffs offer clean lines, texture, and a contemporary feel, much like the bark-style aluminum cuff. Aluminum cuffs are the statement-making pieces of jewelry suitable for all seasons - so ready, set… start shopping.

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