In Demand: Aluminum Jewelry

by John Brana November 15, 2014

In Demand: Aluminum Jewelry

Fold Formed Aluminum Leaf Earrings

Early Uses of Aluminum

Known of as the most abundant metal found in the earth’s crust, Aluminum was once so difficult to extract that jewelry made from this material was considered precious and cost as much as silver and gold. In 1886, a man named Charles Martin Hall developed a method for extracting aluminum that is still used, although much refined, today. Once we knew how to extract the metal it became easier to obtain and its price fell dramatically. Now instead of making fine jewelry with aluminum we started making cans, toothpaste tubes, furniture, buildings and even airplanes. Aluminum is extremely light weight and easy to work with along with being cheap, making it a very popular and versatile material.

Anticlastic Tapered Linen Aluminum Bangle Bracelet

Affordable and Fashionable Aluminum Jewelry

Today, with the price of silver and gold soaring, jewelry makers are getting back to their roots by making more affordable pieces using material like copper and aluminum. Aluminum jewelry is light weight with a sweet silver shine. It makes fantastic earrings, bangles and rings. In fact, since aluminum is free of lead and nickel, many people that usually suffer metal allergies find that they can wear aluminum earring with no problems. A fashionable piece for today’s trend-savvy accessory shopper is the bark cuff bracelet.

The shiny grey coloring makes aluminum a perfect match for just about any occasion and will match with many styles and colors.  Keep your jewelry in top shape with proper cleaning. Aluminum doesn’t require harsh chemicals to buff up their shine, a simple soft cloth will do. If extra cleaning is needed then water mixed with mild soap will do just fine.

It’s the perfect low maintenance accessory to add to your collection. Aluminum is quickly gaining in popularity; in fact you might already have several pieces of aluminum jewelry without even realizing it. It’s been a steady staple of costume jewelry for decades and is just now enjoying a new trend in modern jewelry making.


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