Is Brass the New Gold?

by John Brana December 13, 2010

Is Brass the New Gold?

Brass Jewelry - A Fashionable Alternative to Gold

Fashionistas and models alike are itching to get their hands on the hottest new jewelry designs. Instead of gold, silver, or platinum, however, they're flocking towards a vintage metal with a bright future: brass. Although more recently the metal of choice for locks, keys, and doorknobs, brass has been making a new appearance on fashion runways everywhere.

Nu Gold Brass Sand Dollar Earrings

Jewelry styles using this surprising choice of metals range from delicate to chunky, from vintage to modern. Whether you're in to steam punk fashion or are looking for something a bit more delicate, brass may be just what you've been looking for. Brass jewelry ranges from large, dramatic bangles and rings to dainty beaded earrings - no matter your fashion style, there's likely a brass design to suit you. 

Nu Gold Brass Bark Cuff

Brass Jewelry - The Nu Gold Standard

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and has long been prized for it's artistic appeal. Jewelry artisans are now turning to red brass or Nu Gold as a design medium, and the result is both beautiful and amazing. Brass is as flexible as gold or silver, and can be worked and shaped into nearly any design. It can be left with a matte finish or buffed to a glossy shine; this flexibility makes it a popular material for designers to work with.


Long Hammered Nu Gold Brass Tear Drop Earrings

Attention Getting Brass Jewelry

Brass jewelry is not for the faint of heart; chances are, if you're wearing it, you'll get attention. Most brass jewelry designs are both beautiful and unique. The sheen of brass is sure to draw attention to your accessories from those who are fashion conscious; after all, it's clearly not gold or silver. If you like to turn heads and be on top of the newest and hottest fashion trends, brass is clearly your metal of choice.

Brass jewelry offers a unique appeal with a break from the traditional styles we're used to seeing. If you want to shake things up this season, consider accessorizing with brass. This metal offers an antique shine for nearly any outfit, and the design options are virtually limitless. If you're ready to shake up your fashion accessories for a new season, consider purchasing a brass piece or ensemble today.

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