Nu-Gold Jewelry - An Economical Alternative to Karat Gold Jewelry

by John Brana June 04, 2014

Nu-Gold Jewelry - An Economical Alternative to Karat Gold Jewelry

Nu-gold Jewelry - A Great Alternative to Karat Gold Jewelry

Chased Nu Gold Brass Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet

Nu-gold jewelry resembles real gold jewelry but costs a fraction of the price. It’s a brass alloy that contains 85 percent copper and 15 percent zinc. It is the perfect type of jewelry metal for those allergic to nickel, as it contains no traces of this element. Nu-gold has a unique mellow cast, similar to that of real gold. Also known as “Jeweler’s Bronze” and “Merlin’ Gold”, the exterior of Nu-gold features a rich, warm hue that tarnishes considerably slower than copper. Nu-gold also looks highly stylish when it’s complemented with decorative gemstones.

About Nu-Gold

Nu-gold is a type of brass, which has a higher percentage of copper than standard brass. Due to the higher copper content, Nu-gold generally has more of a reddish color when compared to traditional brass. Many compare it to the color of 14K gold alloy. Also referred to as 230 alloys, this brass alloy is rated excellent for hammering and soldering applications. These factors make it a favorable choice for jewelry designers.

Color and Design

Much like real gold, Nu-gold has a rich, luxurious warm color that only enhances the design element. When polished, the red hue can become even more noticeable. Over time, the color of Nu-gold can darken, resulting in a beautiful blend of colors, often referred to as “Chameleon Metal”. Along with the darker gold color, Nu-gold also features splashes of forest green and raspberry pink tones.

Large Nu Gold Lily Pad Earrings

Nu-gold can be texturized or stamped to take on a variety of designs or patterns. Its surface can be hammered to create texture that creates a brilliant shine. This bold design element can be worn by men and women. Hand-chased texture is also a popular design, which when polished to a mirror finish, makes for a bold piece of jewelry. Experiment with a variety of designs, including nature-inspired textures, such as bark.


Medium Chased Nu Gold Brass Leaf Earrings


Jewelry Types

Nu-gold can be found in nearly every jewelry type, much like traditional gold. Cuff bracelets made of the Nu-gold material have become a popular trend in jewelry design. Wide, lustrous Nu-gold cuffs are statement-making pieces of jewelry that pair well with any casual or formal attire. Earrings and pendants made of Nu-gold have also become favorable choices among jewelry designers. Wire-wrapped jewelry is being showcased on the runways and the streets. Nu-gold can also be found in thin wire, which is arranged on metal framed jewelry, such as earrings or pendants. Gemstones and beads can also be arranged on the Nu-gold wire to give the jewelry a hint of color. Look for Nu-gold wire featuring shades of mint green or aquamarine, which are highly eye-catching. Nu-gold jewelry lasts a lifetime and is highly affordable. These features make Nu-gold a great option for jewelry lovers, as well as those with allergies. The public is sure to see a wide assortment of Nu-gold jewelry in upcoming seasons.

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