Color Blocking in Fashion & Jewelry

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Color Blocking in Fashion & Jewelry

Color Blocking with Jewelry is Back!

The sixties color blocking fashion trend is back in full force, especially in jewelry. All it takes is just a few key pieces that approach the use of bold color in a fresh way. Color blocking is a modern twist on checkered or geometric patterns, using a variety of bright colors placed in striped blocks instead of symmetrical patterns. There is something streamlined, stylish, and highly flattering about color-blocked accessories that give any outfit a fun, unique look.

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Replace your simple, modern accessories with color-block jewelry in bright splashes of yellows, reds, and oranges. Gemstone slab beads or flat rectangle designs in a wide variety of natural and dyed hues are a great way to form the color-block look. Women everywhere love mixing unexpected colors in fashionable combinations, which are available in an assortment of brilliant colors. Geometric pendants and dichroic glass beads are also ideal color blocking components.

Fashion Color Blocking Tips

Opt for two colors. Many fashion experts recommend starting with two colors when using the color blocking trend. For those daring individuals, try two contrasting colors that will make your jewelry stand out. For a more subdued look, select colors that complement one another, such as a pink and red or a blue and purple combination. Try a variety of colors until you find combinations that flatter your skin tone.

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Discard the prints and patterns. To be a true color blocking look, you must use solid colors without any prints or patterns. These pieces of clothing or jewelry are generally clean cut and simple. There is no need for additional bells and whistles, as the color blocking look often calls for bright colors that get enough attention on their own.

Match with black or nudes. If you decide to try the color blocking look, it’s important that the entire outfit comes together well. Shoes and handbags should be in a solid black or nude hue. At the moment, nude footwear is very fashionable, as well as the perfect addition to a color-block outfit. Black is more suitable for evening wear.

Try color blocking with jewelry.
Many think of clothing when they hear about the color blocking trend. This trend is also grabbing the attention of jewelry designers. Gemstones are an ideal way to incorporate color blocking into jewelry, as well as different colored beads. Be sure to coordinate your color-block jewelry with your attire.

Create a balance of color. The color blocking trend is one of both of science and art. Color balancing is an important aspect to ensure that all items have equivalent pizzazz. For example, if you select a pastel shade, the remaining hues should be within the same depth of color. Mixing bold colors and pastels rarely works.

Study and understand the color wheel. If you don’t already have a solid grasp on color, begin studying the color wheel. This is the best way to learn how to properly match different colors, which is important for the color block trend. Complimentary color schemes are the easiest to follow, as they are on the opposite sides. This includes green and red and blue and yellow. The contrast makes this trend really stand out.

Consider size and color. Most people only look at the color of the garment and not the size. When it comes to color blocking, the size is an important aspect to consider. Large chunks of bright color can add volume if you have a small frame. If you are a petite woman, go for smaller blocks of bright color that are more in proportion to your small size. Ensure that the lines made by the blocks of color are crisp and neat.

Color blocking is a popular way to wear more than one bright color at a time. Many women steer clear of this trend, as they are afraid that it won’t be flattering on their body. For those women who are afraid to jump into the pool of color blocking, warm up to this trend by wearing color blocking jewelry. These bright colors are sure to compliment your skin tone and make your outfits appear even more fashion-forward.

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