Top 6 Bangle Bracelets for Layering

by John Brana January 14, 2016

Top 6 Bangle Bracelets for Layering

The Boho layered bangle look has made its way from the realm of hipster fashion into mainstream with women now sporting multiple bangles with many different types of pieces and for a variety of occasions. The key to getting a great layered look with an armful of bangles is to choose the right type of pieces for mixing and matching. Here are six of the best bracelets in the John S. Brana collection for layering.

1. Anticlastic Bark Copper Bangle Bracelet - At least one extra thin bracelet is a must-have for layering, and the Bark Coppper Bangle Bracelet is so affordable, that you can purchase several for less than the cost of a single rose gold piece for wearing multiple matching cuffs at one time. The bracelet has subtle hand chased texturing that contrasts with both highly polished and highly textured pieces in layered looks.

Anticlastic Bark Copper Bangle Bracelet

2. Chased Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet - One fun way to put together a layered bracelet look is to use one bolder statement bracelet with thinner, simple bangles. The Chased Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet makes a gorgeous choice for a focal piece, as it features anticlastic folding for an intriguing shape and light texturing to make the red brass metal from which it is made truly shine. 

Chased Nu Gold Anticlastic Bangle Bracelet by John S Brana Handmade Jewelry
3. Hammered Silver Bangle Bracelet - Anticlastic folded bracelets aren't just meant to be statement pieces in a layered bracelet look. The Hammered Silver Bangle Bracelet can take on a supporting role with its shimmering hammered texturing and small 1/2-inch width. This bracelet can also be worn in pairs, alone or with some smaller silver bangles for the perfect layered style. 

Hammered Silver Bangle Bracelet
4. Copper Earthworm Cuff Bracelet - The Copper Earthworm Cuff Bracelet is another example of a stunning focal piece for a layered look and is a beautiful match for our Chased Copper Cuff Bracelet. This bracelet has repoussed raised texturing along the middle that is inspired by the shape of the common earthworm. The bold piece adds interest to a layered look, and its matte and polished combination finish can easily tie thinner bangles with different styles together.

Copper Earthworm Cuff Bracelet
5. Chased Nu Gold Bangle Bracelet - When you're mixing bracelets with contrasting looks, combining different textures and widths makes for a very eye-catching effect. The Chased Nu Gold Bangle Bracelet is a beautiful piece for layering because it not only has a unique chased texture, but it also has an unfinished scalloped edge that will set it apart from all of the other yellow gold look bracelets in your jewelry box. 

Chased Nu Gold Bangle Bracelet
6. Texturized Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle - Combining bangles that break from the traditional classic round shape with traditional perfectly circular bangles is another strategy for mixing and matching to perfection. The Texturized Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle has a unique coiled shape combined with a highly texturized surface and an anticlastically folded shape, so it contrasts with traditional silver bangles in many different ways.

Texturized Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle

Be sure to check out our entire bangle and cuff bracelet collection to find other pieces for mixing and matching.

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