From the Hands of an Innovative New Jewelry Designer

by John Brana September 03, 2008

From the Hands of an Innovative New Jewelry Designer

San Francisco,  CA (September 3, 2008) - New work in fine jewelry by the otherwise bridge category designer, John S. Brana – Distinctive Jewelry, proved favorable to the crowd at the Designers by the Bay event held at Shreve & Co. August 21.  This newcomer to the list of 20 established fine jewelry exhibitors showcased stunning textured cuffs, sculpted earrings and intricate filigree scrollwork in 18K and 14K gold and fine silver with gemstones.  Perhaps his most beautiful new design is a pair of spiraling 14K gold fold formed leaf earrings encasing strands of 13.5carat faceted peridots which, as so many good design ideas occur, happened by accident.

“I was drilling holes for the earwires using a drill press and instead of turning it off, I accidentally increased its speed and the metal just started flailing and spiraling around the drill bit!” described Brana who created over ten new designs for the event.  “When I finally got it to turn off, it had formed this twisted fan shape and I thought, ‘that’s pretty cool… now how do I do that again?’”  Thankfully, he was able to recreate the shape as it is now available with several gemstone varieties at a suggested retail of $880.  Equally as stunning is a pair of synclastic oval earrings in hammered 14K gold encircling 14.5carats of faceted amethyst gemstones. 

Just as Brana is entering the upper crust of fine jewelry, he continues to develop his lines of bridge category designs inspired by the city in which he creates them, San Francisco.  Among the most commented upon and tried on piece of his collection for the event was his fold formed coral copper cuff from his Sea Cliff collection (which wave-like shape you may recognize in several of his new designs).  “Copper is one of my favorite metals.  It showcases amazing texture and its rich, rose gold color is so beautiful on so many people,” said Brana who handcrafts original jewelry designs ranging from $65-$4000.  In the coming months look for new collections including Muir Woods featuring earthy, forest themes, and an artistic collaboration with a German-born chef at sea who captures the images of sea-worn ships in abstract photography and wearable silk art.  To view each of his collections, visit  For wholesale and media inquiries, contact Karri Ann Frerichs, Altitude Promotions at or 402.490.2579. 


New Jewelry - SoMa Collection

14K Gold Fold Formed Leaf Earrings with Peridot
14K Gold Synclastic Earrings with Amethyst
Fold Formed Fan Coral Copper Bracelet from the SoMa Collection



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