Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace

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The Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace adds an artistic touch to your jewelry collection. Its vibrant strands of color instantly brighten solid tops and dresses or add a pop of interest when layered. Handmade in the USA, the necklace features a mix of smooth and faceted amethyst, carnelian and prehnite gemstone beads. Complementary purple, orange and green hues create a lively tropical look.


Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace - Vibrant Gemstone Strands Brighten Any Outfit

Add an instant pop of color with this handmade beaded necklace featuring prehnite, amethyst and carnelian gemstones.

The Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace is an eye-catching piece featuring colorful strands of smooth and faceted gemstone beads. Vibrant shades of purple, orange and green create a tropical look that brightens any outfit.

Who would be interested in this necklace?

This vibrant beaded necklace appeals to women with an artistic, bohemian style who appreciate unique handmade jewelry. Its bright hues and artful combination of gemstone shapes flatter creative dressers who like to make a statement. The necklace's versatile length also makes it ideal for women who enjoy layering necklaces.

Where and how should this necklace be worn?

  • Wear the Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace on its own as a bold pop of color over solid colored tops or dresses. Its 21-inch length hits at a flattering spot for most necklines.
  • Layer the necklace over collared shirts and sweaters for work or weekends. Let the strands fall inside or outside a jacket lapel or cardigan.
  • Pair with little black dresses and casual tops to instantly elevate your look. The vibrant strands dress up jeans and tees too.
  • This substantial statement necklace looks best worn alone rather than with other necklaces. Any other jewelry should be minimal.
  • The necklace is made from durable materials and toggle closure, making it suitable for everyday wear.

What occasions would this necklace be best for?

  • Birthdays, holidays and special nights out
  • Artist receptions, music concerts and cultural events
  • Yoga, dance and exercise classes
  • Brunch dates, casual lunches and daytime get-togethers
  • Running errands and everyday wear

The necklace's vibrant colors and artisan style make it perfect for standing out in a crowd. Yet its casual elegance also transitions nicely for low-key activities.

Product Benefits

  • Instantly brightens any outfit - Complementary gemstone hues in purple, orange and green create a lively color combination.
  • Flattering length - 21-inch strands hit at a versatile spot for layering or wearing alone.
  • Artistic style - Faceted and smooth gemstone beads in varied shapes add visual interest.
  • High-quality materials - Prehnite, amethyst and carnelian gemstones with 24k gold vermeil beads.
  • Tropical inspiration - Vibrant color pairing reminiscent of sunsets and fruit markets.
  • Handcrafted in the USA - Expertly designed and produced by John S. Brana.
  • Makes a statement - Eye-catching gemstone mix perfect for standing out.
  • Casually elegant - Beautiful enough for special occasions but also great for everyday.

Gold vermeil beads add shimmer while a sturdy toggle closure keeps the 21-inch strands securely around your neck. This substantial statement necklace has an artisan elegance that works for dressing up or casual wear. It makes a wonderfully unique gift for the free-spirited, creative woman in your life too.

Additional Product Details:

  • Length: 21 inches
  • Closure: Gold vermeil toggle clasp
  • Materials: Prehnite, amethyst and carnelian gemstones; 24k gold vermeil beads
  • Care: Store properly when not worn; clean with soft dry cloth only
  • Shipping: Gift boxed and ships free!

Amethyst is February's birthstone, associated with peace, courage and stability. Prehnite is believed to encourage inner growth and aid intuition. Carnelian represents vitality, creativity and confidence. Capture their vibrant energies with the lively hues of the Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace.