Anodized aluminum is an increasingly popular way to introduce bright pops of color and bold shapes into your wardrobe.

The process of anodizing aluminum consists of an electro-chemical technique that allows the surface of the metal to be dyed. Anodizing produces an oxide coating on the aluminum that is rather porous, allowing vibrant color to immerse into the metal. A hot bath seals the dyes, changing it into a non-porous structure. The final result is a beautiful and durable finish that is ideal for all types of jewelry, such as earrings.

Anodizing jewelry has brought much creativity to the fashion world in terms of color trends. Jewelry designers have brought back the 1960’s color block fashion and incorporated the popular trend into brilliantly colored jewelry. Our wide collection of anodized aluminum lily pad earrings are just one example of how coloring blocking can easily accent any outfit. These earrings are not only stylish, but also light-weight and guaranteed not to flake or discolor.