Linen Anticlastic Copper Bangle Bracelet

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Bangle bracelets are one of the most versatile items in any woman's jewelry box, as they can be worn on their own, stacked one atop the other or mixed and matched with other bracelet designs for an infinite number of styling possibilities. The John S. Brana Adjustable Linen Anticlastic Copper Bangle Bracelet is the perfect piece to bring that added touch of versatility to an accessories collection due to its beautiful color, unique texture and ideal proportions.


The John S. Brana Linen Anticlastic Copper Bangle Bracelet is a fully handmade copper bracelet that gives you all the color of genuine rose gold for a mere fraction of the price. A hand-hammering technique is used to give the bangle a woven texture all along its outer edge. Turned up along the edges with an anticlastic raising technique, the bangle slips effortlessly over the hand.

With its slender width and appealing shape, the John S. Brana Linen Anticlastic Copper Bangle Bracelet is perfect for wearing with other bracelets or on its own. You can also purchase more than one to get a chic Bohemian stacked look. Shipped in a stylish gift box, the bracelet measures 8 inches in circumference.

  • Chic rose gold colored bracelet with a texture inspired by natural linen
  • Fully handcrafted using premium materials
  • Slim width makes the bracelet ideal for layering and stacking
  • Measures 8 inches in circumference to perfectly fit medium to large wrists (adjustable)

Copper Cuff Care

Store your copper jewelry in a re-sealable plastic bag to prevent air from tarnishing it when you aren't wearing it. Make sure your jewelry is clean and moisture-free before storing. Body chemistry, sweat, soaps, lotions, makeup, sunscreen, or bathing/swimming will accelerate oxidation/patina and cause skin to turn green, which is not harmful to one’s health.

Un-coated, the John S. Brana Linen Anticlastic Copper Bangle Bracelet's luster and shine can easily be cleaned and maintained with a mild Brass or Copper metal cleaner (test first). Apply with a soft toothbrush or cloth, gently scrub, then rinse thoroughly with warm water, and dry/buff with a soft cloth.

A care and cleaning instruction card is included with purchase.

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