9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring


Pyrite was once referred to as "fool's gold," but the 9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring is undoubtedly a smart investment for your jewelry collection. This one of a kind ring features a 9-carat pyrite cabochon stone that has been carefully cut to maximize the sparkling, radiant look of its surface, which seems to twinkle in the light. The stone has been cut to give it a raw look, enhancing the rustic appeal of this unique piece. The setting adds to the effect with its long, twisted prongs, which are hand-carved to resemble the branches of trees. The band is similarly carved to complete the design.

The 9 CT Pyrite Sterling Silver Tree Branch Ring is handmade and hallmarked by the artist. The setting is fashioned out of sterling silver, which has been given a matte finish to enhance the naturalistic feel of the piece. The ring is available only in a size 8, which makes it a perfect fit for a finger that measures 2.25 inches in circumference. 

  • Measures approximately 3/4 inches in Length x 3/4 inches in Width x 3/8 inches in Height; shank 3/16 inches in Width
  • Available only in ring size 8
  • Hallmarked
  • Sterling Silver
  • One-of-a-kind
  • Gift Boxed
  • More Gemstone Rings


Type: Rings

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