102.5 CT Green Gold Quartz 14K Gold-filled Pendant

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Make a vibrant statement with the Green Gold Quartz 14K Gold-filled Wire Wrapped Pendant. The star of the show is an oval-cut 102.5-carat green quartz gemstone with a highly faceted face to reflect light. The pops of rich color dazzle against the 14-karat gold-filled wire backdrop.

Meticulously hand-sculpted of durable gold-filled wire, the frame features artistic swoops that cradle the gem. Tight coils accent above and below, with two holding loops securing the stone in an open design that shows off its beauty. Four more wire loops at the top provide ample space for hanging from your choice of chain.


Dazzle in Green: Our Sparkling 102.5ct Gold-Wrapped Quartz Statement Pendant

The Green Gold Quartz 14K Gold-filled Wire Wrapped Pendant is a gorgeous handmade jewelry piece featuring a large 102.5-carat natural green quartz gemstone set in a unique 14K gold-filled wire wrap setting.

This pendant makes a fantastic gift for yourself or a loved one. The eye-catching green quartz stone has a highly faceted oval cut allowing it to reflect light beautifully. The 14K gold-filled wire wrap frame complements the color of the stone perfectly.

Who would be interested:

  • Women who enjoy unique, artistic jewelry pieces
  • Those looking for a special gift for a loved one
  • Collectors of quartz gemstones or gold-filled jewelry

How/when to wear:

  • Everyday statement piece
  • Special events like parties, weddings, date nights
  • Professional settings for a touch of style

The pendant hangs from a 1/4 inch wide bail, allowing it to be worn on chains, cords, or ribbons in varying lengths and styles to match any outfit.

Product Benefits

  • Bring a splash of color - 102.5-carat green quartz gemstone
  • Gorgeous gift idea - Handcrafted wire wrapped pendant
  • Artistic & unique design - 14K gold-filled sculpted wire setting
  • Perfect for special occasions - Makes a statement


Feature Description
Gemstone 102.5 carat natural green quartz, oval faceted cut
Setting 14K Gold-filled handcrafted wire wrap
Bail Width 1/4 inches
Pendant Size 4 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches
Chain Not included
Gift Box Yes

The gorgeous 102.5-carat green quartz gemstone is the star of this handcrafted pendant. The stone's vibrant color and ample facets reflect light beautifully. Quartz is a durable, abundant gemstone, making this pendant a budget-friendly way to add a pop of color to your jewelry collection.

The quartz gem is set within a unique 14K gold-filled wire wrap frame that has been carefully hand sculpted into artistic swoops and swirls. The wire complements the hue of the stone perfectly. Gold-filled jewelry has a layer of 14K gold bonded to a brass core, providing the luxurious look of solid gold at a lower price point.


With its eye-catching gemstone and artistic wire wrap setting, the Green Gold Quartz 14K Gold-filled Pendant makes a gorgeous gift or everyday jewelry piece. The natural quartz stone brings a vibrant splash of color, while the textured gold-filled wire frame adds artistic flair.