Men's Embossed Mosaic Solid Copper Cuff - 10mm Wide

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Make an impressively thoughtful statement with the unique Embossed Mosaic 10mm Wide Men's Solid Copper Cuff Bracelet, exquisitely hand-fabricated by John S. Brana. Expertly crafted from pure, substantial gauge copper in the artist's intimate San Francisco studio, this bold yet remarkably comfortable cuff design celebrates the richness of copper with an intriguing embossed mosaic texture that adds an elegant note of visual interest.

At once modern, timeless and undeniably versatile, this show-stopping bracelet makes an unforgettable gift for momentous 7th Anniversaries or other meaningful milestones worth honoring in commemorative style.


Celebrate Your 7th Anniversary in Style with this Handcrafted Copper Cuff Bracelet

Sleek Yet Substantial Design

An ideal balance of elegance and eye-catching accent, the structured 10mm profile of this copper bracelet adds striking dimension while the smooth, rounded edges ensure comfortable wearability.

The rich glow of solid copper takes center stage in this minimalist cuff design with petite mosaic texture adding subtle interest and tactile appeal. Modern yet timeless, this versatile bracelet design pairs perfectly with casual everyday outfits as well casual professional attire.

Who Would Love This Meaningful Copper Bracelet?

  • Husbands looking for the perfect 7th wedding anniversary jewelry gift to surprise their spouse.
  • Wives hoping to drop hints to their partner about this meaningful copper cuff as their 7-year anniversary approaches.
  • Those who appreciate unique, handcrafted jewelry that celebrates special milestones with sentimental style.

Product Benefits and Details

  • Premium Pure Copper - This sturdy cuff is skillfully constructed from 100% solid copper without lacquers or protective finishes to interfere with the living finish of this mutable metal. Over time, the copper will develop a dynamic patina that is unique to the individual wearer.

  • Enduring Craftsmanship - Built to last thanks to time-honored metalsmithing techniques passed down through generations of jewelry artisans. The level of meticulous attention, expert skill and passion invested in each piece is unmatched.

  • Made in the USA - Proudly conceptualized and hand-fabricated in John S. Brana's intimate San Francisco studio space using eco-conscious practices to minimize waste and environmental impact.

  • Distinct, Customizable Fit - Available in a range of sizes to achieve your ideal fit. General sizing recommendations are to order 1/2 inch larger than your wrist measurement to allow sufficient room for a comfortable fit. Please refer to the size chart below for specifics.

Copper Cuff Sizing Recommendations:

Size Wrist Circumference Cuff Length Cuff Opening
Small 7.5 inches 6.5 inches 1 inch
Medium 8 inches 6.75 inches 1.25 inches
Large 8.5 inches 7 inches 1.5 inches
X-Large 9 inches

7.25 inches

1.75 inches

Please use a soft measuring tape to accurately determine wrist size for best fit. If between sizes, consider sizing up for comfort.

Celebratory, Customizable Style

Understated yet undeniably eye-catching with its structured silhouette and vibrant copper shine, this bold 10mm wide cuff bracelet makes a fantastic signature piece perfect for commemorating special milestones or simply adding a contemporary metallic touch to everyday fashion.

Effortlessly Transition from Day to Night

Whether dressed up with cocktail attire for date night or adding boho flair to casual weekend wear, this copper bracelet transitions seamlessly to fit your style needs. Bold and substantial on its own yet understated enough for stacking, this versatile cuff design allows you to get creative with layering other bracelets in complementary metals and textures for a truly custom look.

Make a Thoughtful Gift

For important 7-year milestones like wedding anniversaries, a Father's Day gift,  or to celebrate relationships in general, this meaningful bracelet serves as a wonderful gift idea to pleasantly surprise your beloved with a specially chosen token of your affection. Or simply spoil yourself in honor of your own major life achievements with this inspiring yet low maintenance bracelet you'll cherish for years to come.

The simplicity of design places deserved focus on the core copper material which will gradually develop a uniquely nuanced patina over time through contact with air and skin oils. A treasured memento, this bracelet allows you to physically record your journey through its evolving patina patterns.

What to Expect with an Unlacquered Solid Copper Bracelet

As a purely elemental metal, copper readily undergoes a natural oxidation process when exposed to air that causes color changes ranging from pink to brown to greenish hues. Everyone's individual body chemistry impacts the patina formation differently so the way the toning manifests is wildly unique. Some may experience colors appearing within hours while others notice little to no change even after prolonged wear.

This color evolution is easily removed with gentle cleaning if desired. However, many choose to allow the distinctive patina to progress unchecked as they find beauty in the copper aging gracefully, much like wood or leather. The magical, ever-changing patina serves as an alluring visual reminder of special memories built over the years.

Please note that copper can initially discolor some skin upon first wear until a protective barrier naturally builds up. The darkened skin easily washes off with soap and water but should be expected when wearing unsealed copper jewelry.

Now that you know what to expect, rediscover copper's distinctive glow with this minimalist yet meaningful Embossed Mosaic Solid Copper Cuff  Bracelet handcrafted to last through countless meaningful memories.