Men's Solid Copper Wave Embossed Cuff - 1 Inch Wide

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Make a bold impression with the Men's Wave Embossed Solid Copper Cuff handcrafted by designer John S. Brana. This substantial yet slim bracelet makes a sophisticated style statement with its gleaming 1-inch width and organic wave texture. Unlike machine-made pieces, each one is individually hand-fabricated for artful depth and dimension.

Slip on this rich reddish-brown cuff to add an elegant accent to work or weekend wear. Its meaning also goes deeper - pure copper represents love and renewal, making this a special gift for a 7th anniversary, milestone birthday, or Father's Day. Let it develop a unique patina overtime as a mark of memories made.


Who Would Love this Unique Wave Embossed Copper Bracelet?

This unique handmade copper cuff bracelet would make a fantastic gift for the fashionable man who appreciates quality craftsmanship and artisan jewelry. The rich reddish-brown color of copper complements most skin tones and pops against darker clothing.

The bracelet's width shows off the distinctive wave embossed pattern that gives it beautiful texture and dimension. Wear it with dress shirts to add stylish accent, or pair it with casual shirts to elevate your everyday look.

Perfect Gift for Significant Occasions

What makes this bracelet extra special is that copper is the traditional 7th wedding anniversary gift. Surprise your spouse with this meaningful gift to celebrate your lasting bond on your big day.

Copper is also the gift for a 21st birthday, symbolizing transition to adulthood. An embossed copper cuff says you recognize their personal growth and want to encourage their journey.

And it's a top pick for Father's Day gifts too. The rich color and artful style reflect a dad's wisdom and warmth.

Craftsmanship and Design

Using the centuries-old embossing technique, designer John S. Brana handcrafts each piece in his San Francisco studio. He starts by carving a pattern into steel, then uses that to plate to transfer that pattern onto copper stock. The copper stock is then hand filed and shaped, and finally finished with careful polishing and oxidation.

The wave embossed cuff has beautiful texture and dimension. Its rich reddish-brown color develops a distinctive patina over time. The 1-inch width is substantial yet comfortable to wear.

This bracelet has an open cuff design without a clasp, letting you slip it on and off easily. It gently curves to hug your wrist in a tailored fit.

Available Sizes

Choose from the following sizes based on your wrist measurement:

  • 9 inch circumference with a 1 3/4 inch opening
  • 8 1/2 inch circumference with 1 1/2 inch opening
  • 8 inch circumference with 1 1/4 inch opening
  • 7 1/2 inch circumference with 1 inch opening

To find your ideal fit, measure around your wrist where you want the bracelet to sit. Add 1/2 inch to allow room for movement. For example, if your wrist is 8 inches, select size 8 1/2.

Style Ideas

This versatile cuff bracelet transitions seamlessly from day to night. Here are some style suggestions:

Casual Daytime Look

  • Jeans or chinos
  • Solid or plaid button-down
  • Desert boots or minimal white sneakers

Business Professional

  • Dress trousers
  • Button-down dress shirt
  • Leather dress shoes

Cocktail Party

  • Darkwashed jeans
  • Turtleneck or collared shirt
  • Chelsea boots

Black Tie Optional

  • Suit separates
  • Crisp dress shirt
  • Oxfords

Product Benefits

  • Substantial 1-inch width shows off embossed wave pattern
  • Rich reddish-brown color complements most complexions
  • Distinctive patina develops over time
  • Embossed technique creates beautiful texture
  • Open cuff design slips on easily
  • Copper is the traditional 7th anniversary gift
  • Handcrafted in San Francisco by John S. Brana

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the bracelet to stain my skin green?

All copper jewelry reacts with air, sweat, and skin oils, causing a greenish patina called verdigris. This is temporary staining and fades after cleaning. It's harmless but can look unsightly.

How can I prevent skin discoloration?

Wash the cuff and your wrist daily using mild soap and water. Apply lotion before putting on the bracelet. Taking it off at bedtime also minimizes exposure.

Will I get a refund if it stains my skin?

Unfortunately not - skin discoloration is unavoidable with prolonged copper contact. Be sure to follow our care card instructions included with purchase to minimize irritation.

How do I clean verdigris off the bracelet?

Gently scrub with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Baking soda or lemon juice can also help lift stains. Avoid harsh chemicals that damage the patina.

Can I resize the cuff if needed?

Our cuff bracelets cannot be resized due to the open cuff design. Refer to the size chart and allow room for some flexibility in fit around your wrist.  You can always exchange for a different size.

How thick and heavy is this cuff?

The 1-inch width gives it substantial presence without excessive weight. The slim profile ensures all-day comfort.

Let us know if you have any other questions! John Brana offers a 30-day return policy if the bracelet doesn't meet your expectations, but notes that skin discoloration alone is not grounds for refund.