Pierced Hammered Bronze Arabesque Shield Earrings

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Crafted from bronze, these Pierced Hammered Bronze Arabesque Shield Earrings shine with a brilliance reminiscent of the fleeting mirages that captivate wanderers in the desert. The intricate hand-pierced design symbolizes the unpredictable yet beautiful patterns created by wind on sand dunes. Plus, the hammered texture? It captures the very essence of ripples in a desert oasis.

  • Measurements:  Approximately 2 1/4 inches in Length x 1 1/4 inches in Width.
  • Material: Bronze - (92% Copper / 8% Tin) – For that irresistible golden glint.
  • Design: Geometric, reflecting Arabic motifs and architectural wonders.
  • Texture: Hammered finish, mimicking desert textures and nuances.
  • Tarnish Resistant:  Coated with a clear non-toxic polymer to maintain the shine and prevent tarnishing
  • Gift Boxed: Perfect for gifting or indulging yourself! 🎁✨


Why "Desert Mirage"?

Imagine a mirage shimmering in the distant horizon of a sun-drenched desert. It beckons, captivating travelers with its illusive allure. Inspired by such enchanting visuals, these earrings evoke the mesmerizing play of light upon the golden dunes.

The gentle curve of the earring's body and the playful swing of the pendant piece come together in a dance as graceful as the desert winds. These aren't just accessories; they are stories waiting to be told.

Breaking Down the Beauty

Features Inspiration
Geometric Design Arabic architecture
Hammered Texture Desert sand ripples
Bronze Metal Golden desert hues

Concluding Thoughts

🏜️The "Desert Mirage" Pierced Hammered Bronze Arabesque Shield Earrings aren't merely jewelry. They're an experience, a journey to faraway lands and timeless tales. Whether you're dressing up for an event or just want to add some sparkle to your day, these earrings promise more than just beauty; they promise a story.

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Makes a great 8th Anniversary  or 19th Anniversary gift.