Aluminum Jewelry for Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

by John Brana March 19, 2013

Aluminum Jewelry for Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

A 10th Anniversary Traditional Gift - Aluminum Jewelry

Aluminum Bark Cuff

The ten year anniversary is a milestone in every marriage. Many couples mark this anniversary by giving one another traditional or modern gifts. Aluminum is a traditional gift for the tenth wedding anniversary. A lightweight, very malleable metal found in a silver-white hue, aluminum is commonly used in jewelry design. Aluminum jewelry is ideal for both casual and formal attire, and is a great gift option for couples. To celebrate a decade of marriage, give your partner a special gift featuring aluminum.

Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets in aluminum are comfortable to wear and can be slightly bent to tighten or loosen around the wrist. Aluminum is a lightweight metal, lighter than sterling silver, and is a better choice for those with metal allergies. Chunky, skinny, textured – nearly anything goes as part of this favorable style trend that fashionistas are raving about.

Aluminum Three-Tiered Earrings

Three-tiered aluminum earrings are head-turning, stylish pieces of jewelry that come in a wide assortment of designs. Separate pieces of aluminum are connected to form a three-tiered dangling earring. Hammered sand dollars and colored anodized lily pads are examples of the unique designs in which the three-tiered earring trend can be found.

Lime Green Anodized Aluminum Lily Pad Earrings

Aluminum Watches

 Aluminum watches are a unisex style of jewelry suitable for both parties for a tenth marriage anniversary. Perfect for the mate who is always late (or wants to always be on time), aluminum watches can be found in many colors and sizes to suit every individual’s styling needs. Aluminum provides a sleek, smooth finish with a comfy fit.

Aluminum Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

The jewelry trend of wire-wrapping has become a major hit. Aluminum wire-wrapped jewelry showcases a web of wire wrapped around a delicate piece of aluminum frame. Gemstones or beads are often arranged on the wire to add splashes of color throughout the piece. Wire-wrapped jewelry is often seen in the form of earrings and pendants. Aluminum Brooches Decorative shapes and designs cut from aluminum are being used to handcraft magnificent brooches. They evoke a look from a different time, providing the woman who receives it a classic, elegant piece for her collection. Brooches are also versatile, as you can wear it as a hairclip, pin it to a skirt, or spice up that little black dress.

Brushed Aluminum Cuff Bracelet

Aluminum Stamped Rings Due to its malleability, aluminum can be stamped to add an assortment of texture or design elements. It can also be colored in a multitude of different shades. Aluminum rings are generally adjustable to fit various finger sizes. Consider stamping in a modern trend, such as geometric shapes or nature-inspired images. The tenth marriage anniversary is traditionally referred to as the “aluminum” anniversary. To celebrate such a monumental occasion, jewelry is often exchanged to show love and affection between partners. Not sure what to get your spouse for your tenth wedding anniversary? If you want to go the traditional route, unique aluminum jewelry is always an appreciated gift.

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