Modern Jewelry Trends: Bronze Jewelry

by John Brana May 22, 2019

Modern Jewelry Trends: Bronze Jewelry

Hammered Bronze Cuff Bracelet

Fashion conscious women are always on the lookout for the most recent trends in jewelry design. Bronze has become a popular choice of metal for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other statement-making pieces that can enhance one’s appearance. While not as well-known as gold, silver, and platinum, bronze has several advantages over its competition. It’s a tougher metal, able to withstand the movement associated with everyday jewelry. It’s durable enough to be worn to nearly any outdoor event, including a garden party, barbecue, or a day at the beach.  Bronze can also retain its unique luster for many years, making it a timeless piece that requires little to no maintenance. Made from a combination of tin and copper, bronze is affordable and versatile, the ideal medium for creating a range of beautiful accessories.

Bronze Bark Teardrop Earrings

Go Handmade

More and more people are going for handmade bronze jewelry over mass manufactured pieces. The reasons for this are very clear. Each piece of handmade bronze jewelry is unique, meaning no one else will have the exact piece that you have. Handmade bronze jewelry is also affordable, enhancing your wardrobe without breaking the bank. For those men and women who take pride in their appearance, a must-try trend is bronze.

Large Hammered Bronze Teardrop Earrings


Style & Design

Chains are one of the most unisex pieces of jewelry that is often seen made from bronze. Delicate or masculine, bronze chains are a simple way to dress up an ensemble. Many women opt for multiple chains, while most men like the look of a bold solo chain. Bronze chains remain a symbol of boldness and style, breaking free of the traditional gold and silver pieces that most people have become accustomed to wear. Bronze jewelry has a unique hue, which cannot be achieved by gold or other metals.


Hammered Bronze Link Chain Necklace

Pendants are one of the most sought after pieces bought in bronze. Simple or intricate pendants draw attention to the neck, enhancing any outfit worn. Pieces like bronze pendants have become the ultimate way to express oneself in terms of fashion. Bronze exudes that ‘antique’ feel that are ideal for men and women of any age. Thicker pieces are often worn by men, while women enjoy more delicate, feminine pieces.

Bronze jewelry is a hard material that can be found in various thickness and styles. This metal has undergone a number of changes throughout the years, but the modern result is beautiful. Bronze rings are one of the most popular pieces created by bronze, encrusted with stunning, oversized gemstones to give the bronze a pop of contrasting color. If you’re looking for a new trend to try in regards to fashionable jewelry, bronze is certainly a stylish and practical metal to wear.

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