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by John Brana March 09, 2010 Features Copper Jewelry by John S. Brana Features Handmade Copper Jewelry by John S. Brana  February 2010 - Issue #34 - "Copper in the Arts," on features contemporary copper jewelry designs by jewelry designer John S. Brana.  Contributing writer Rebecca Troutman discusses the allure of John S. Brana’s copper jewelry designs…“Brana loves to feature nontraditional metals, his most recent collection thrusting copper and aluminum in the spotlight. His designs are flirtatious and intricate, often with elegant geometric textural elements and clean curves.

Copper Fold Formed Bangle with Brazilian Fire Agate

His new line, named after the South of Market district, “SoMa,” is inspired by the curved angles of the architecture and the “opulent gold rush period” of its heyday. Not many other jewelry designers value the unique abilities of copper the way Brana does. In a contemporary jewelry industry founded on the classic value of semi-precious metals and gemstones, his choice of materials like copper, bronze and aluminum is giving a new sheen to the high end jewelry industry. “  Read the entire story on 

Texturized Copper Cuff Bracelet

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John Brana
John Brana


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