The Best 7 Bracelets for Her 7th Anniversary Gift

by John Brana January 19, 2016

The Best 7 Bracelets for Her 7th Anniversary Gift

Copper is considered the traditional present for a 7th wedding anniversary. If you want to give her a beautiful gift with traditional appeal, a copper bracelet is an exquisite choice. Bracelets are jewelry pieces that can be worn for all types of occasions and that appeal to women of all ages. With its slightly pink tint, copper is a feminine choice of precious metal for fine jewelry and will give her something unique and beautiful to add to her accessories collection. Read on to discover seven of our favorite copper bracelets for 7th anniversary gift giving.

  1. Thin Chased Copper Cuff Bracelet - Shopping on a budget doesn't mean that you can't get her a beautiful copper bracelet for your 7th wedding anniversary. The Chased Copper Cuff Bracelet has an incredibly low price and is a very versatile design that she can wear for work, play or special occasions. You can even purchase more than one of these cuffs, so that she can wear one on each arm or create layered looks.Thin Chased Copper Cuff Bracelet
  1. Double Corrugated Copper Cuff - She'll love the unique texture of the Double Corrugated Copper Cuff, which comes from folding the copper metal in two different directions. The texture accentuates the beautiful feminine color of the copper, creating a piece that is simply stunning.
    Double Corrugated Copper Cuff
  1. 1 Inch Wide Corrugated Copper Anticlastic Cuff - The 1 Inch Wide Corrugated Copper Anticlastic Cuff is a statement bracelet that will take her breath away. The regular ribs in the copper give this bracelet plenty of dressy appeal, but it can also be dressed down for more casual occasions.
    1 Inch Wide Corrugated Copper Anticlastic Cuff
  1. Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet - Give her a gift inspired by the beauty of nature with the Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet. The hand-applied texture along the surface of this cuff recreates the forms found in natural bark.
    Chased Copper Bark Cuff Bracelet
  1. Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet - The Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet is a bracelet that shines as much as her natural beauty and is sure to leave her speechless. The texturing used for this design makes the surface of the bracelet very sleek and luminous.
    Texturized Copper Bangle Bracelet
  1. Copper Wave Cuff - Uniquely designed to make the bracelet almost seem to undulate in waves before your eyes, the Copper Wave Cuff is fluted and polished to a mirror like shine. She can easily wear this bracelet with everything in her wardrobe.
    Copper Wave Cuff
  1. Fluted Copper Cuff - The Fluted Copper Cuff has an elegant look that will have that special lady feeling sophisticated every time she wears it. The bracelet is an excellent statement piece, but it can also be layered with other designs.
    Fluted Copper Cuff

At John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry, we have a wide variety of copper jewelry pieces that can make great gifts for a 7th wedding anniversary. Only the finest copper is chosen for use in our designs, and pieces are typically finished with a protective clear coating to help the jewelry remain beautiful for years. Check out all of the options in our 7th anniversary gifts collection to see other beautiful gift giving ideas.

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