Hammered Gold Jewelry

by John Brana March 15, 2014

Hammered Gold Jewelry

Make a Statement with Hammered Gold Jewelry

Fluted Nu Gold Brass Bangle Bracelet


Gold is a timeless metal that has become the medium of a host of statement-making pieces of  handmade jewelry. By using a hammer to bring out an unparalleled texture, each piece is slightly different. In the hands of an artist goldsmith, the innate beauty of gold is brought to life. Hammered gold jewelry has a unique allure and luminous power that draw people in, getting compliments wherever it is worn. Lovers of gold jewelry can find perfection in many colors, shapes, and textures. Hammered gold jewelry has become the trend to try for the upcoming seasons, adding boldness and a sense of elegance to anything in your wardrobe. From chains and cuffs to earrings and rings, hammered gold jewelry brings breadth and texture to any design it touches.

Hammered Nu Gold Brass Cuff Bracelet


The Look of Hammered Gold

Hammered gold jewelry is generally formed using an anvil and ball peen hammer. The surface of the metal is indented with crater-like depressions made by the tools. The extent of the hammered design will depend on the shape and the power behind your hammering technique. Various hammering techniques were first made popular during the time of the Romans and Greeks. Instead of a smooth, sleek design, hammering gives gold a highly textured look that flatters the body and wardrobe selections. Hammered jewelry is typically finished by using a soft, rounded hammer to give the metal a wavy texture. Gold can then be polished to regain its natural shine and sparkle. 

Types of Hammered Gold Jewelry

Chains: Hammered gold chains are typically designed in intricate patterns that give the metal a classic look. Each necklace is made up of individual chains linked together in a decorative way. How exactly the chains are linked and formed make up the wide assortment of artist chain types. For men’s jewelry, rope chains and diamond-cut chains remain popular choices, while popular women’s styles are also rope style chains and shaped links. From 14K to 24K gold and gold-filled selections, there is an affordable option for every man or woman looking for gold pieces to add to their jewelry collection.

Cuffs: Gold hammered cuff bracelets have become a favorite accessory among women everywhere, due to the stylish and strong designs. When you wear one or even two of these statement-making pieces, there is no need to wear any other accessory. The history of the golden cuff bracelet began in ancient Egypt and Africa, nearly 7000 years ago, and with subtle modifications, the gold cuff has been reborn in recent seasons. One of the most popular remains the hammered cuffs which have roughness on the surface.

Earrings: From dangling earrings to hoop styles, gold hammered earring designs have made a splash among jewelry designers. Perfect to wear any day of the week, hammered gold earrings exude a magnificent finish in any size or shape. Due to their unique texture, wearing a pair of metal hammered earrings can make that pair the focal of your entire outfit. Whether you like the rustic look of rose gold or the shine of yellow gold, a pair of hammered gold earrings is sure to be in your vision for the upcoming seasons.

14K Hammered Gold Engagement Band Ring

Rings: If you prefer a contemporary look, hammered gold rings can certainly make you the center of attention. This style of ring is bold, coupled with a high polish that exudes a beautiful gleam and hand-hammered texture that gives band rings a one-of-a-kind appeal. Hammered gold rings can be worn daily to add style to nearly outfit you wear. Gold textured rings or bands can also be used for sentimental purposes. Give one to the person you love to mark an important commitment, such as an engagement.

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