A Must-Try Trend: Chandelier Earrings

by John Brana July 06, 2011

A Must-Try Trend: Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier Earrings - A Must-have Earring Style

Three Tiered Aluminum Sand Dollar Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are back with a vengeance – and everyone is wearing them. Earrings are the perfect way to jazz up any wardrobe, and can be easily worn without any complementing jewelry. They are feminine, stylish, and can be found in a wide assortment of precious metals, textures, and designs. Chandelier earrings add just the right amount of color and shine, getting their name from elaborate chandelier light fixtures. If you’re looking to expand your jewelry collection, chandelier earrings are a must-have style that will certainly add uniqueness to your attire.

Features of Chandelier Earrings

Quality: Chandelier earrings often have many moving parts, making quality on the top of the list for important features. Handmade chandelier earrings are made with a high attention to detail, making them the ideal option if you are looking for durable jewelry. Sturdy metals, including platinum, gold, copper, and sterling silver, are terrific options. Colors: While many women prefer brilliant, bold colors, be sure that you select a pair of earrings that are versatile enough to be worn with many different outfits. If you want a neutral metal that will match nearly anything you wear, opt for two-toned earrings or select earrings that will pair well with your existing jewelry. Styles: When it comes to style, chandelier earrings have many to choose from. Some chandelier earrings consist of geometric shapes that give them an ‘art deco’ feel. Others feature multi-gemstone, free-falling designs that offer a bohemian effect. Consider your wardrobe before selecting a pair of chandelier earrings to properly match outfits. 

Sterling Silver Amber Chainmail Chandelier Earrings


Comfort: Always consider comfort over style, especially when it comes to larger chandelier statement earrings. Backings should be study, as the weight of the earrings can put too much pressure on the earlobes. Many women look for chandelier earrings with hooks, as these provide more support for the ears, minimizing the weight.

Benefits of Chandelier Earrings

Movement: If you appreciate the beauty of movement, from falling leaves in autumn to the astounding swiftness of a ballet dancer, you’ll love chandelier earrings. This style of earrings sway with every movement you make. When decorated with shimmering gems or beads, the movement is even more eye-catching. Face-Shape: Women with rounder face shapes can greatly benefit their style by wearing a pair of chandelier earrings. These earrings help to balance out round and square faces, creating a slimming effect. Experiment with an assortment of dangling earrings to compliment your facial shape and features. Dressy: If you like to dress up, a pair of chandelier earrings is a must-have accessory. If you’re the type of woman who prefers to wear a little black dress to most events, transform it from bland to “wow” with an elegant pair of chandelier earrings. Different styles are decorated with pearls or gemstones, turning up the elegance factor. Cultures: Chandelier earrings are often associated with Indian styles, as these remain a popular type of earring. Think Bollywood films. If this sounds like your style, then an intricate pair of chandelier earrings may be ideal for your personal style, adding flair to your wardrobe instantly. Chandelier earrings are a huge fashion favorite at the moment. While they have never really “gone out of style”, modern styles are considered glamorous, yet casual enough to be worn with jeans and a tee. Some are affordable, while others costly and exquisite. Chandelier earrings are certainly a fashion staple that every woman should incorporate into their own handmade jewelry wardrobe.

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