Handmade Chandelier Earrings Collection

Delicate, yet bold, chandelier earrings are right on trend, getting us to take notice with a modern update. They are absolutely statement-making material, no matter the shape, tier length, color, or design.

Fashion magazines and runways are buzzing with news on the new looks of chandelier earrings, whether it’s longer styles for more elegant occasions or shorter styles for a more informal look.

Chandelier earrings have the look and ability to find their way into any event, becoming a favorite accessory among brides seeking romantic, modern wedding jewelry. When choosing chandelier earrings, consider your face shape. Longer or thinner faces pair well with earrings which bell at the bottom to create width. Women with fuller or rounder faces should opt for oblong earrings which give the illusion of less facial fullness. This huge earring trend works well for daily wear, from full-out glam to BoHo hipster fashion.