Lily Pad Earrings Collection

John S. Brana’s latest Muir Woods Lily Pad earring collection features beautiful, lightweight, and colorful pieces inspired by none other than Mother Nature.

Reminiscent of leaves one would find floating on the surface of a pond, reflective in their hand-crafted shape and unique in their coloring, the earrings are classified as works of art available at accessible price points. The pieces vary in size as well, including two and three-inch single leaf earrings, as well as one-inch single leaves and three-tiered designs.

Lily pads are part of the Nymphaeaceae family of plants and are very unique in the Plant Kingdom. A lily pad grows very slender roots that attach to the soil inside of ponds and lakes in shallow areas. The plant actually grows on the surface of the water with large, flat leaves that capture sunlight to power photosynthesis and allow the plants to make food. Flowers grow on tops of the lily pads for the purpose of fertilization. There is nothing quite like the sight of lily pads floating at the water's edge, and that lovely, special vision has inspired a whole line of earrings in the John S. Brana Muir Woods Handmade Jewelry collection.