Jewelry Gift Ideas for Round Shaped Faces

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a Round Shaped Face, choose vertically elongated ovals and other shapes with gently curved lines and with some width to balance out and flatter the width of their face.

Earrings that end between the earlobe and the jaw line (usually no greater than 3 inches) are the best choice.  Avoid long, thin linear earrings, which will only emphasize the width of the face.

Necklaces for a Round Shaped Face

In general, choose necklaces that are longer than 16 inches in length. Chokers that sit high create a horizontal line that tends to make the face look wider. Avoid large round shaped beads like pearls, since this will further enhance "roundness." Also, generally avoid very fine or thin chains of any length, as they make a round face look larger. 

Celebrities with Round Shaped Faces...

Kelly Clarkson    Kirsten Dunst    Chaka Khan    Natalie Portman    Christina Ricci    Isabella Rossellini