Jewelry Gift Ideas for Grays

If you have grey locks, then you're in luck because you'll find that your hair looks beautiful wide range of different metals, including sterling silver, stainless steel, aluminum, platinum and white gold.

These silvery metals are ideal for anyone with a pale, cool skin tone, while individuals with a warm skin tone can often pull off warmer-colored metals, like gold, bronze and copper.

When it comes to choosing jewelry colors that complement grey hair, it's most important for earrings and necklaces, which are worn in closest proximity to your hair. Skin tone tends to be a more important consideration for rings and bracelets, since they're not worn in close proximity to your hair.

At John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry, you'll find a wide range of unique handmade jewelry items in gold, silver, aluminum, bronze and copper, among others. Brana also specializes in an array of different metalworking methods, including chasing, fold forming, hammering, brushing and texturizing, along with metal treatments like anodization, oxidation and patination. In particular, patination transforms the look of copper, rapidly aging the metal to take on some beautiful brightly colored patinas that are sure to complement every shade of grey hair color and complexion.

If you're purchasing multiple jewelry items, remember to opt for items in the same style! Avoid blending the sleek, sophisticated Hammered Aluminum Anticlastic Bangle with the earthy, nature-inspired Fold Formed Aluminum Leaf Earrings. You can also blend metals with very different looks, like aluminum and copper, since there's lots of contrast. But avoid blending similarly-colored metals like aluminum and silver, as the tones are slightly different and it can look like a failed matching attempt!

Browse John S. Brana's collection of handmade jewelry items, perfect for anyone with grey hair!