Jewelry Gift Ideas for Brunettes

If you're shopping for a beautiful brunette in your life, you'll want to purchase jewelry items that are silvery in color, such as aluminum, silver, white gold, although some brunettes with a darker hair color can pull off gold tones such as bronze, gold and copper!

When shopping for jewelry, you may also want to consider the individual's skin complexion. Individuals with a cool skin tone tend to look great in silvers, while those who have a warm skin tone look beautiful in gold and copper jewelry items. And when in doubt, simply ask the recipient about their preference! Most women will know whether they look better in gold tones or silver tones.

At John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry, you'll find a vast array of handcrafted jewelry items that are sure to look wonderful on a brunette! When shopping for multiple unique jewelry items, it's important to match the style of the items. Matching the metal type isn't quite as important as contrasting colors such as bronze and aluminum can go well together. So if you're purchasing our Aluminum Bark Cuff, it's best to go with another item in a similar style, such as the Aluminum Bark Tear Drop Earrings or  Fold-formed Aluminum Leaf Earrings.

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