Jewelry Gift Ideas by Hair Color

At John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry, we've crafted a comprehensive guide to provide you with jewelry gift ideas for individuals with different hair colors and complexions!

Hair color is an especially important consideration when you're shopping for earrings and necklaces, since these jewelry items are within close proximity to her locks!

Individuals with dark brown or black hair, with pale skin are generally best-suited with silvery metals, such as aluminum, silver and stainless steel. Individuals with grey hair can also look wonderful in silvery metals, regardless of skin tone. Those with warm skin tones can also opt for warm metals like gold, bronze and copper!

Blondes with a pale, cool skin tone also tend to do very nicely with silvery jewelry items, whereas brunettes with a warm skin tone should opt for gold, copper and bronze. Red heads tend do do well with silvery metals and auburn haired beauties can even opt for gold.

Of course, there's also other variants, such as gemstone coloration; visit the specific section for each hair color to learn which jewelry items will work best for your unique hair coloration! At John S. Brana Handmade Jewelry features beautifully-crafted jewelry items wide array of different metals, with unique nature-inspired designs that are sure to turn heads!