Enjoy Beaded Gemstone Jewelry Every Day

by John Brana November 05, 2009

Enjoy Beaded Gemstone Jewelry Every Day

Jade and Onyx Beaded Gemstone Necklace by John S Brana

Few things are more alluring than a lack of complexity. A simple strand with a small jewel speaks volumes. When it comes to jewelry, a strand of silver or gold adorned with a diminutive gem is enough for most events. But, there are times when you don't feel the need to be elegant, or want to show off something that conveys your mood, your style, and your personality. Whether you are going out for a night on the town, out on a date, or even at work, something that is more exceptional and more "you" is suitable. Beaded gemstone jewelry is some of the most exclusive type of jewelry available, and virtually infinite in styles and character.

Carnelian Flower Beaded Gemstone Earrings


Beaded gemstone jewelry is usually a amalgamation of semi-precious gemstones and silver or gold. Just because the gemstones are semi-precious does not suggest that they aren't important by the owner. This organization of stones is not based on how stylish or costly the gems are, but more exactly how rare they are on the face of the earth.The rarer gemstones - diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires - are considered to be precious stones because of their rarity.

Jade 14K Gold-Filled Beaded Gemstone Chainmail Bracelet


Semi-precious stones include those which are usually found in lower-priced jewelry, such as serpentine, peridot, and amazonite. Although these stones are often less expensive, that does not suggest that they're in any way inferior in quality to traditional precious stones. As a matter of fact, many quality jewelers will combine precious and semi-precious stones in one piece.

The stones found in beaded gemstone jewelry can be found in a variety different forms. Even though a good number of pieces will be small in size, they may or may not be polished or consistent in size. With semi-precious stones, the rarity of their color, clarity, or other qualities may add to their value - and jewelry designers often do not want to buff out those qualities.

Prehnite Amethyst Carnelian Necklace


Gems used in beaded jewelry may or may not be polished and refined. Modern styles in amethyst jewelry, for instance, favor less uniform stones. In numerous cases, the more extraordinary the stones are, the more expensive the piece of jewelry. Alternatively, pieces that include absolutely uniform beads of semi-precious stones can be quite costly and cherished by the wearer.

Beaded gemstone jewelry is a superb addition to any attire. It is often the jewelry of preference for daywear, but when worn with the right outfit, it can show off any outfit. The styles and designs are so diverse, that this variety of jewelry is fitting for practically any occasion.

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